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Cooking with Yoshiko is all about eating for a better lifestyle and the benefits of creating easy and nutritious meals for your overall wellbeing. 

Find out about the different ways you can learn from Yoshiko’s almost 20 years of experience and get to know her background from working with traditional Japanese cuisine to a healthy catering company in Sydney.

Read through written Testimonials about her classes and her two internationally published books. It’s no surprise she’s been able to form strong Partnerships with businesses that share her vision.

  • Sydney Branch

    70 Bronte Rd, Sydney

Courses offered by Cooking with Yoshiko


Japanese Basics

Japanese Basics offers an introduction to the fundamentals of Japanese home-style cooking. Upon completion of this class you will gain knowledge of the essential Japanese seasonings and basic cooking technique.

by Cooking with Yoshiko

Superfood Gyoza Cooking Class

Learn the art of making delicious Japanese Gyoza (dumplings) in this HANDS-ON and FUN workshop, so you can make your favorite dishes at home.

by Cooking with Yoshiko

Japanese Cooking Class (Superfoods as Medicine)

Learn the secrets to Japanese health and longevity in this hands-on and fun workshop - Japanese Superfoods as Medicine, so you can make your favourite dishes at home.

by Cooking with Yoshiko

Healthy Gut with Japanese Superfoods Class

In this fun hands-on class, you'll learn lots about tasty Japanese superfoods that will help you to gain and maintain a healthy gut.

by Cooking with Yoshiko

Matcha Lovers High Tea Cooking Class

Learn and eat your way through healthy matcha dishes. Matcha is a special form of green tea, specially grown and prepared for deeper flavour. It is the food highest in antioxidants, and helps with weight-loss and general well-being.

by Cooking with Yoshiko

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