Superfood Gyoza Cooking Class

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Learn the art of making delicious Japanese Gyoza (dumplings) in this HANDS-ON and FUN workshop, so you can make your favorite dishes at home.


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2.5 Hours

Course Details

Learn the art of making delicious Japanese Gyoza (dumplings) in this Hands-on and Fun workshop, so you can make your favorite dishes at home.

Follow detailed demonstrations by celebrated chef Yoshiko Takeuchi, who has had over twenty years of experience and has frequented some of Sydney's top kitchens, authored two cookbooks, and worked on shows like The Biggest Loser.

Did you know?

  • Most Japanese restaurants use lots of MSG in their cooking!
  • These restaurants also don’t use traditional ingredients meaning the food loses taste AND nutrition!


But don’t worry! This class is MSG-free and we will use only traditional, high-quality Japanese ingredients to make our food yummy and healthy.

You will follow traditional methods replicable at home, including essential Japanese seasonings, cooking techniques, and a variety of yummy recipes.


Some examples from our Superfoods Gyoza class menu:

  • 4 types of gyoza fillings
  • How to correctly fold and pleat gyoza
  • How to correctly cook gyoza
  • How to freeze gyoza
  • Two types of gyoza dipping sauce
  • Rice sandwich (onigirazu)
  • How to make seaweed salad w/ Japanese style dressing


What you'll get:

  • Hands-on cooking class with ingredients including authentic high-quality Japanese foods.
  • Full sit-down lunch including drinks (alkaline mineral water and organic ceremonial grade Matcha)
  • Take home recipes


What to bring:

  • Please bring an apron and wear closed shoes. For those without one, aprons are available to rent for $5. Everything else will be provided.


Special Message

Cooking For A Better Lifestyle
  • Sydney Branch

    70 Bronte Rd, Sydney
  • Teacher's Name
  • Yoshiko
  • Teacher's Experience
  • I am a passionate and experienced chef, and have turned this passion into creating vegan and vegetarian recipes with a Japanese twist, which will help you stay young, beautiful and healthy. Take control of your relationship with food and learn to love healthy recipes! I want all my students to be glowing with confidence, energy, and healthy beauty. Just give it a try! I've worked with world famous chefs like Tetsuya Wakuda (Tetsuya's restaurant) and was a professional chef for over 10 years, and have been teaching cooking for more than 20 years. My mission is to promote a healthy and enriching lifestyle for all my students. I would love to share my passion and knowledge with you.
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  • Female
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