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Dance Domain Dance Studios is widely spread throughout the Cape Town area, so we are bound to have a branch near you where you can learn to dance.

Taking dance classes and choosing a dance studio is not as easy as you would think. Different dance schools cater for different needs.

There are salsa clubs, langarm clubs, ballroom dance studios, latin dance studios and social dance studios. We are the only dance organization that offers all of the above under one roof.

  • Table View Branch

    14 Beach Blvd, Table View, Cape Town

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Weddings Dance

More and more people today are making their first dance something different and special. Your traditional waltz is not used so often anymore. Many of the other dances such as Boogie, Two step, Rumba, Jazz, Foxtrot etc. are also danced at weddings.

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Hip Hop

This energetic – high speed and fun style of dancing will ensure you enjoy a great session of dancing to some funky…urban music..!

by Dance Domain Tableview

Open Modern Classes

These classes offer you the opportunity to express your emotions and inner feelings through creative movements – while sharing your interpretation of the music you dance to…

by Dance Domain Tableview

Dance Flexibility

These relaxing classes are designed to improve the overall flexibility of dancers in all genres – increasing the range of motion and movements of the body – putting you in touch with your inner core…. leaving you positively rejuvenated..!

by Dance Domain Tableview

Dance Fitness

These high powered fitness classes are based on energetic dance moves and designed to increase endurance – improve stamina and speed – and ensure reduced fatigue during lengthy dance routines…

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