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In 2005, Helen decided to open her own kitchen to anyone who wants to learn about food. That's how Helen's Kitchen was born. Since then, Helen has taught 1,000+ students helping many home cooks put delicious, nutritionally-dense meals on their tables.

Helen's cooking philosophy centers on finding creative ways to prepare local ingredients. She teaches cooking classes in her house in Natick with a strong focus on culinary techniques and food science. Her classes are small to give all students a chance for hands-on practice.

  • Boston Branch

    3 Ingleside Rd, Boston

Courses offered by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School


French Pastry 101 (Pate A Choux)

Do you want to learn to make eclairs, cream puffs, Paris-Brest, and fancy hors d'oeuvres? Then you need to master pâte à choux -- the most versatile, gloriously puffy, make-ahead-friendly dough in the French pastry repertoire.

by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School

Orgasmic Vegetables

Vegetables are a culinary wonder with their variety of textures and flavors, and a gift to us cooks. If they occupy the lowly place of repentance food on your table, it's time to rethink your cooking techniques.

by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School

Ravishingly Raw (Poke Bowls, Crudo, Ceviche)

This class will answer all these questions and give you plenty of hands-on practice slicing fish for crudo, poke bowls, and ceviche dishes. Come hungry for salmon miso poke bowl, spicy tuna tartar, branzino ceviche, and hamachi crudo.

by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School

Pelmeni And Varenyky (Russian And Ukrainian Dumplings)

What happens when you cross an Asian dumpling with a European dumpling? You get Russian pelmeni — insanely juicy and buttery meat dumplings.

by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School

Perfect Pizza

In this class we'll make a 5 minute home-made crust that will teach you many baking fundamentals. We'll also make a few sauces while learning to use heat and seasoning to your advantage. This class is vegetarian.

by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School

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