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Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd. was established in June, 2012 under the Malaysian Company Act 1965 and started its business operation in July 2012, dealing mainly in Health, Safety, Security & Environment Services. (Note: Even though NSL has just been established, all of our Consultants have many years of working experiences in relative area of expertise in other organization).

NSL explores and pursues the enormous opportunities in markets locally and globally. Partnering with the best in their own arenas, NSL brings technology and quality to clients and reiterates its belief of delivering the best services to our clients. This value added alliance approach enable the company to provide a wider scope of services to our clients, from the general to specific expertise covering HSSE, Microbiology Food Safety, Electronic Security System, Information Security, Engineering, Procurement and Construction for major sectors which included the oil and gas, marine, industrial as well as the public sectors.


NSL is a professionally managed company that believes in profitable, sustainable and enjoyable long-term relationships with its key stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, local communities member and advocacy groups.

Our business philosophy is centered on our number one priority – "Our Clients”. Hence, at NSL:

  • We are very serious in what we do

  • We will provide you with the greatest flexibility and unparalleled service*


  • We continually review, update and develop new modules to meet your various requirements

  • -We provide the best value for money*

Our approach is based on a unique blend of creative engineering, scientific and management skills, proven methodologies, up-to-date analytical tools & data and a practical outlook. Our collective expertise and experience means we provide solutions for our clients without introducing new problems.

Nawan Safety Leaders is a fully insured company with a high standard of excellence. A company you can depend on for honesty, commitment, and true concern for clients' needs. Nevertheless a firm relationship is built on where mutual trust, professionalism, and quality service are our objectives.

Today, more than ever before, generally Safety, Health, and Environment has become a primary concern for all businesses. If your employees are not protected, then you are risking an important resource People.

We strive to be a welcome partner with all our clients at all times in all of our companies working areas. Our goal is simple; client satisfaction. We opt to deliver reliable, high-quality solutions, in ways ensuring integrity, HSSE, and sustainability where these are placed at the heart of everything we do.


Our Focus

Our main focus is on the people who works for us, the community where we work in and our most valued clients that we serve. Client satisfaction tops the list of our priorities.

By exemplifying the highest ethical, health, safety, security, and environmental standards, NSL has developed a set of values that includes improving quality of life, creating and sharing values and anticipating changes. We apply this principle at work everyday, in every location, to let the communities we render our service/s within, a better place to live and work.

NSL is committed to utilize local workforce, allowing new job opportunities and recognizing importance of Corporate Social Responsibility hence becoming an integral part of the community we proudly serve within.

We believe communities should not have to sacrifice their quality values in receiving the most cost-effective services and we do understand client's concerns regarding transition.


Working Smart, Working Safe

As a responsible company, we will do our best to limit the health, safety, security and environmental impact of all our activities to people and the environment. We take on a broader view over our own short-term corporate interests might dictate. Clients and employees are our greatest assets and we strongly believe that their safety cannot be compromised.

At NSL, safety is not merely a philosophy or just a sign on the wall. Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is priority for each and every NSL employee. To some this may sound like a slogan, but we are proud to contribute to the quality of life at work thus encourages positive business progress inclination.


Commitment to Quality and Value

It is befitting that when recalling to what extent a safe environment is to a long term human survival and existence, we reaffirm that NSL is committed to operate in ways which will meet the needs of present and future ventures.

This further underlines the extent of our policy on sustainable development that underpin our activities. Acknowledging therefore, we do have special interest in offering quality services and products to our clients. They are second to none.

  • Miri Branch

    Lot 10631,1st Floor, Block C Airport Commercial Centre, Airport Road, Miri

Courses offered by Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd.


Permit to Work Applicant

This course will be presented in English. Course delivery format will be a combination of lecture, syndicate exercises, participants’ presentation and written assessments.

by Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd.

Worksite Hazard Management (WHM)

This course will be presented in English. The course delivery format will be a combination of lectures, syndicated exercises, and participants’ presentations.

by Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd.

Hazard Identification Training (HIP)

All employees working in the environment where their nature of activities exposed them to all sorts of HSE Hazards.

by Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd.

Management of Major Emergencies Training & Assessment

To provide theoretical and practical training to personnel who are responsible for the management of major emergencies at the the work site.

by Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd.

Incident Investigation Workshop

The main aim of this course is to provide the participants with an overview and basic knowledge of industrial incident investigation, thus enabling them to facilitate, lead,, or contribute as an efficient team member in an incident investigation and analysis.

by Nawan Safety Leader Sdn Bhd.

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