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At Selfup we partner with star chefs of Boston whose reputation in the community is profound. Book culinary classes, mixology activities, wine tastings, team building activities, private events, and much more.

Unforgettable cooking classes, private events, and team-building activities presented by the best chefs in Boston.

  • Boston Branch

    19 Kingston St #1, Boston

Courses offered by Self Up


Japanese Sushi Cooking Class

Calling all enthusiasts of raw fish, nigiri, sashimi, and sushi – our sushi cooking classes deliver a Japanese culinary experience like none other, and we're inviting you to try your hand at artfully preparing the best sushi you've had to date.

by Self Up

French Bistro Class

Craving the rich foods of a traditional French Bistro but can’t make the trip across the pond? Chef John Peredina takes you on a fun-filled journey of the menu of a classic French Bistro without ever leaving downtown Boston. 

by Self Up

Mexican Fiesta

If you’re not planning on making a trip down to Mexico any time soon but are craving the savory flavors of traditional Mexican dishes, don’t sleep on our group cooking classes focused on tried and authentic Mexican cuisine.

by Self Up

Kids' Cooking Boot Camp

Welcome to Selfup's 5-day summer Bootcamp for children who love to cook! Our fun and engaging program is designed to inspire young chefs to explore the exciting world of cooking and learn new culinary skills in a supportive and collaborative environment.

by Self Up

Asian Dumplings & Dim Sum

Ditch the white takeout boxes and streaming services for a fun night out making your favorite dumplings from scratch! Chef Gary is a Cape Cod native who has over 15 years of chef experience running four restaurants in the North End.

by Self Up

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