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At STADIO, we believe in the future of our nation. We want to make a difference by offering greater access to higher education, so that every South African has the opportunity to become the most empowered version of themself. By investing in the human potential all around us, we can grow minds, dreams and employment. Ultimately benefiting our nation as a whole. 

We take a profound interest in what our students want, and what our country and the world of work needs. And we offer higher education specially designed to satisfy all. At the end of the day, we have an opportunity to not just help individuals realise their dreams, but to help a nation grow stronger. 

The time to do something great for South Africa is now. That’s why we’ve united our collective experience with one goal. To empower the nation by widening access to higher education. 

We have brought together four highly prestigious institutions – Southern Business School, Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF and Prestige Academy – with a collective experience of over 100 years in providing quality, affordable higher education. And we are proud to offer over 50 accredited qualifications via contact, distance and blended learning, across ten campuses, to over 20 000 students.

  • Pretoria Branch

    1021 Bank Avenue, Centurion Central, Pretoria
  • Cape Town Branch

    Bellville Business Park, DJ Wood Street, Cape Town
  • Krugersdorp Branch

    Plot 10, R28 Service Road, Diswilmar, Krugersdorp
  • Midrand Branch

    Corners of Waterfall Drive & Simlak Drive, Waterfall Country Estate Gate 1, Midrand, Johannesburg

Courses offered by STADIO


Understanding Credit Agreements

Most people need to obtain credit to get the goods they want, and to pay these items off in instalments. To ensure that credit providers do not take advantage of consumers, consumer rights in South Africa are protected under the National Credit Act (No. 34 of 2005) (NCA).


Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a means of communication between participants in order to reach an agreement. We often negotiate daily, without even realising it. Discover the nature and importance of negotiation in the context of procurement and supply chain management.


Fundamentals of Production & Operations Management

The aim is to provide learners with a fundamental understanding of planning, control and improving operations. The course therefore introduces learners to the fundamental operations management terminologies, functions, strategies and principles.


Communication For Managers

A critical aspect of management is effectively communicating with your followers and external stakeholders. Discover the role that communication plays, the potential barriers that lead to miscommunication and conflict, as well as how conflict is dealt with in organisations.


Business Etiquette

Equip yourself with skills in business etiquette. Discover how your conduct in the workplace can have a personal impact on customers and leave them with an impression of the company.


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