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Planning to get an Engineering certification in the US? 


Here is a table of short courses in Engineering in the US along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

MIT Professional Education


Principles and Models for System Architecture

5 days


California State University

Los Angeles 

Professional Engineer in Electrical Engineering

10 weeks


University of California

Los Angeles

Fundamentals of Biotechnology Engineering

11 weeks


Engineering Education & Training


FE Civil

10-20 weeks

$549 - $1,149

Southwest Research Institute

San Antonio

Penetration Mechanics Short Course

4 days


New Jersey Institute of Technology


Professional Development & Executive Education

1 month


The College of New Jersey


Continuing and Professional Education

5 months


Dr. Tom’s Classroom


Geotechnical Course

20 weeks

$750 - $950

Sinclair College


Network Engineering Associate

18 credit hours

$121.03 - $329.40

Cincinnati State


Electro-​Mechanical Engineering Technology

Less than 1 year

$163.64 - $337.28


What are the Top Engineering Institutes in the US?


1. MIT Professional Education - Cambridge, Massachusetts

2. California State University, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California

3. University of California, Los Angeles - Los Angeles, California

4. Engineering Education & Training - Folsom, California

5. Southwest Research Institute - San Antonio, Texas

6. New Jersey Institute of Technology - Newark, New Jersey

7. The College of New Jersey - Ewing, New Jersey

8. Dr. Tom’s Classroom - Raleigh, North Carolina

9. Sinclair College - Dayton, Ohio

10. Cincinnati State - Cincinnati, Ohio


What is the cost of Engineering short courses in the US?


  • As per the table shows, taking an Engineering class in the US may cost from $121.03 up to $5,100. $121.03 is the cheapest cost when taking an Engineering class, wherein it is based on the per credit hour of the said course.
  • On the other hand, an Engineering class in the US may cost up to $5,100, that is good for a 5-day session of Principles and Models for System Architecture.
  • Mostly, the cost is being affected by how long the class will take. It could be by the total number of hours ($121.03 - $329.40), days ($2,950 - $5,100), weeks ($549 - $1,149), and months ($163.64 - $700).


What is the duration of Engineering short courses in the US?


Taking an engineering course in the US has variations of options when it comes to its duration. It can be by number of hours, days, weeks, and months.


  •  As shown on the table, the shortest duration in taking an Engineering course in the US is good for 4 days.
  • Contrarily, the longest period will take up to less than a year.


What is the salary of an Engineer in the US?


The average salary of an Engineer in the US is $72,957 per year.

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