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As a Creative Education service provider we are committed to providing you with a quality education. We’re a fully accredited Higher Education Institution. All our curriculum is registered with SAQA, while our qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE).

In addition, CityVarsity is registered with the Department of Education (DOE) for the qualifications shown on Certificate no. 2001/HEO7/004. So whether you take on a Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Degree with CityVarsity, know that you’re getting the real deal!

  • Gardens Branch

    CityVarsity, 18 Roeland St, Gardens, Cape Town
  • Braamfontein Branch

    125 Simmonds St, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

Courses offered by CityVarsity

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Introduction To Digital Video Editing

With this course using the Adobe CC platform of software, it’s a course that is relevant to current industry software trends. This course makes a difference by providing an understanding of the software that the majority want to use and showing the audience things that they don’t ever get to se...

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Bachelor of Art in Professional Acting for Camera

The purpose of this programme is to train and equip learners to become multi-skilled performers in film, television and theatre. The programme aims to produce versatile, disciplined and professional actors with a thorough understanding of the technical and artistic requirements of acting.

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Short Programme in TV Presenting

Short Programme in TV Presenting Course is Offered by CityVarsity

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Music Production

Students will learn the principles of recording and manipulation of Audio and MIDI (vocals, live instruments and virtual instruments) in Cubase.

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Creative Writing

Expand skills built in the Foundations of Creative Writing course, honing your craft by producing unique stories in a variety of different genres.

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