Course Fees : $15 to $450

Planning to teach your kids how to cook? There are several great classes in the US that you can choose from.


Kids Cooking Classes in the USA are a popular and emerging trend. Cooking is a life skill. Teaching Children to cook at a young age inculcates an interest in cooking which would pave the way to healthy eating. 


A survey conducted by the California Department of education shows 87% of fourth eighth-graders said that they cook and make some meals or snakes on their own. This ensures that kids consume healthy and well-balanced meals and a reduction in usage of packaged and junk food.  


There are many cooking shows and classes that encourage children to take up cooking as a hobby and also teaches as a skill for life.


What are the best Kids Cooking Classes in the USA?


The most popular cooking schools that conduct  institutes that offer kids cooking classes in the USA are:


1. The Kids cooking connection, Windermere

2. Flour Power, Charlotte

3. Kids Kitchen, Cedar Park

4. Taste buds Kitchen, Apex

5 The Real Food, Miami

6. Young Chefs Academy, Fresno- Clovis

7. Chef It Up, San Francisco

8. The Cutting Edge Class, Knoxville

9. Culinaria Cooking Class, Vienna

10 Mesa Kids Cooking School, New Albany



What is the cost of Kids Cooking Classes in the USA?


Listed below is the cost of popular kids cooking classes in the USA. The classes are generally provided in different types of recipes like cake making and different cuisines. 




The Kids cooking connection


Flour Power

$149 (for 4 classes)

Kids Kitchen


The Real Food

$250(for 10 classes)

Young Chefs Academy


Culinaria Cooking Class


Kids Cooking School




What is the average duration of Kids Cooking Classes in the USA?


The Duration of kids cooking classes in the USA are conducted on the following basis:


  • 1- day classes
  • Weekly Classes
  • 10 classes
  • 1-month class
  • Summer camps
  • Workshops 
  • Birthday Parties


Why should your kids learn Cooking in the USA?


Listed below are the primary reasons why children should take up Kids Cooking Classes in the USA:


  • Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that children who engage in the handling of food have less fear of food and are prone to try different varieties.
  • These classes give an opportunity to try new and healthy recipes
  • Cooking all by themselves gives a sense of achievement and boosts the confidence of the child.
  • Preparing your own food encourages children to alternate to home-cooked healthy food than the processed food that they usually prefer
  • This helps in family bonding making parents spend more time with children and help understand their interests better.
  • Kids cooking competition is now a popular phenomenon and these competitions help kids get exposure and pave way for their future career prospects
  • The Classes gives children an opportunity to understand the nutritional value of their food intake which would help them make better food choices at present and in future.


What will I learn by taking Kids Cooking Classes in the USA?


The Kids cooking classes in the USA help you learn the following basic skills,


  • Following recipes
  • The proper way to handle food
  • Preparing foods through teamwork
  • Cooking techniques
  • Creativity & imagination
  • Developing their own recipes in themed cooking competitions
  • Food and table etiquette
  • What ingredients work well together


What are the job opportunities for chefs in the USA?


Kids cooking classes in the USA form a foundation for children to take up cooking as a career choice. Upon completing the necessary courses the following job opportunities are available,


  • Specialty Bakers
  •  Specialty Chefs
  • Pastry Professionals
  • Food Photographer 
  • Concept Developer 
  • Food Blogger 
  • Chef Manager
  • Food Entrepreneur
  • Kitchen Designer

68 course(s) offered by 60 institutes in USA
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Culinary Craft Workshop Logo

Baking & Braising Workshop

Making the classic Chicken & Biscuits recipes, kids will learn the basics of braising and baking. Using recipes which will both teach and put into practice these two essential cooking methods to create a delicious dinner.

Institute by Culinary Craft Workshop [ Claim Listing ]
Atlanta Wine School Logo

Cooking with Kids (Family Pizza Party)

Unleash your child’s inner chef and fuel their culinary passion at an early age! In this fun-focused series, kids will learn kitchen basics, techniques and safety while building confidence, growing community and learning more about food culture and healthy eating.

Institute by Atlanta Wine School [ Claim Listing ]
Sur La Table Logo

Kids' Kitchen (Spanish Cuisine)

Fun, hands-on and educational, our new kids' series is the perfect activity! Your young chef will learn valuable kitchen skills while cooking beloved dishes from Spanish cuisine.

Institute by Sur La Table [ Claim Listing ]

Foodie Kids Logo

Junior Chefs Class

Every week these little chefs will be making 2 fun and creative recipes (savory & sweet) using seasonal ingredients. They will learn beginner safety knife skills, different plating techniques, the basics of cooking, and the science behind why it works.

Institute by Foodie Kids [ Claim Listing ]
Kids Kitchen Logo

Junior Chef Cooking Class (Ages 5-9)

Junior Chef Cooking Class. During this 6 week session, we will focus on the nutrition qualities & common culinary techniques from each of the 5 food groups. Your cook will gain culinary techniques, try new recipes, and gain nutrition awareness.

Institute by Kids Kitchen [ Claim Listing ]
Create A Cook Logo

Kids Cooking Class

Each session has a general theme and as in any of our classes each student brings home all of their creations to share!

Institute by Create A Cook [ Claim Listing ]
Flour Power Logo

Kids Cooking

Our themed weekly classes are a fun way for your kids to focus on hands-on kids cooking class sessions while learning recipes to try at home. Your Lil' Chef will gain skills that are designed to appeal to the abilities of most children.

Institute by Flour Power [ Claim Listing ]

Chef Alyssa's Kitchen Logo

Kid’s & Teen’s Classes

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen hosted a full summer of in-person culinary and baking camps. All virtual summer camp sessions are available here.

Institute by Chef Alyssa's Kitchen [ Claim Listing ]
Sweet Spot Studio Logo

Kids DIY Cookie Decorating

In this DIY kids class, they will be provided with 4 cookies, royal icing, and sprinkles to decorate any way they would like. This is not an instructor lead class, this is DIY style class. Each set of 4 cookies may vary from student to student.

Institute by Sweet Spot Studio [ Claim Listing ]
The Foodie School Logo

Kids Cooking

Children’s classes are fun, hand-on classes where little chefs learn, create, eat and have lots of fun. Children will be coached by an Instructor and will work in teams to make each menu item.

Institute by The Foodie School [ Claim Listing ]
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