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Kitchen on Fire offers hands-on cooking experiences in Berkeley, Oakland and virtually anywhere. Since 2005, Chef Olive and professional chef instructors have been sharing their knowledge and love for cooking through public classes, team-building and corporate wellness events cooking recipes made with high quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Lisa Miller teaches classes with a nutrition focus, promoting healthy living.

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    1509 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley

Courses offered by Kitchen on Fire


Grilling Indoors & Out

One of the greatest tools we have for cooking our favorite foods is the grill. Nothing imparts such a wonderful flavor and who can deny the beauty of perfect grill marks?! We’ll explore choosing proper tools, the right way to oil a grill

by Kitchen on Fire

Italian Artisan Loaves

Learn to give your doughs more flavor, better chew, and longer shelf life! Master Baker Michael Kalanty shares more professional tips and techniques, this time with Italian crusty breads.

by Kitchen on Fire
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Donut Workshop

What exactly makes the donut one of the most popular edible treats? Crumbly or pillowy, round or long, filled or glazed, these pastries taste best fressssh. So why not learn the secrets of making your own at home for fresh donuts on demand?

by Kitchen on Fire

Cooking with West Coast Seafood

What to do with all that fish at the market? Living near the coast we are blessed with terrific seafood and this class makes the most of what is available. Simple, delicious and great for a gathering. Cook along and enjoy our local bounty.

by Kitchen on Fire

Pho Workshop

In this fun and informative class, culinary instructor Chef Mat, will be giving you all the insights, techniques, and best ingredients to craft a perfect steamy bowl of Vietnamese Pho, as well as some delicious complimentary sides.

by Kitchen on Fire

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