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Here are the Top 10 Korean Cooking classes in the UK.

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Korean Cooking

Grilled meats and shrimp, spice and bold flavours, Belfast Cookery School’s Korean BBQ class has it all! Learn about marinades, how to hack Kimchi, and make BBQ Sauce from scratch!

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Korean Evening Class

Koreans follow the oriental rule of 5 tastes, salt, sweet, sour, hot and bitter: salt from soya sauce and bean paste, sweet from sugar and sweet potatoes, sour from vinegar, hot from chilli peppers and mustard and bitter from ginger. Preserving food by pickling, salting and fermenting is a Korean ...

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Cooking With Mushroom

This is the perfect class for mushroom lovers. During this evening course we will work with a variety of mushrooms including oyster, porcini, shimeji, shiitake, king oyster, enoki, and hen of the woods.

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Korean Street Food

This class, will show you making homemade Kimchi, and taking a jar home for you to ferment. We also make that classic Bimibap, Peanut chicken, (dakgangjeong) with steamed rice. Korean dumplings and Korean Noodle dishes. We eat dinner at the end of this class so come hungry!

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Seoul Kitchen (The Contemporary Korean Chef)

In this One Day Class our chefs will guide you through the classic dishes and techniques that form the backbone of this distinctive cuisine. From historic dishes such as kimchi and bibimbap through to modern renditions using traditional ingredients you will learn about the unique ingredients of Kor...

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Korean Cooking Class

Whether you love Korean food as much as we do or you’re wanting to try something new, then this is the class for you! We are going to take you on a 3 course culinary journey, showing you how to prepare and cook some delicious Korean dishes.

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Korean Cooking

3 hour hands-on workshop and demonstrations covering everything you need to know to make all the dishes above. Unlimited Tea for the thirsty Korean chefs, Other drinks available from the bar A delicious Korean Dinner afterwards where you can enjoy your own creations!

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Pickles and Kimchi

Join us at Leiths for an evening dedicated purely to pickling; learn to make your own flavoursome pickles, which can live patiently in your cupboard for months, ready to add some punch to any meal.

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