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Course Fees : £220 to £3950

Planning to learn Soft Skills in the UK?


Here is a table of Soft Skills classes in the UK along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee



Soft Skills



Creative Word 


Soft Skills



Noble Prog


Soft Skills

7 hours


The Centre


Soft Skills

8 hours




Soft Skills



Keystar Training


Soft Skills


£175.00 + VAT

Gould Training


Soft Skills

7 hours




Soft Skills





Soft Skills



Pitman Training


Soft Skills




Top Soft Skills training institutes in the UK


1. SGS UK London 

2. Creative Word London

3. The Centre London

4. Noble Prog London

5. Berlitz Manchester

6. Keystar Training  Chigwell

7. Gould Training London

8. Revolution Essex

9. Skillsgen Liverpool

10. Pitman Training Liverpool


Cost of Soft Skills courses in the UK


The average cost of Soft Skills training in the UK is £175.00 + VAT.


Duration of Soft Skills courses in the UK


The average duration of Soft Skills training in the UK is 7 hours up to 8 hours.


Salary of a Soft Skills Instructor in the UK


The average salary for a Soft Skills Trainer is £35,188 per year in the United Kingdom. 

199 course(s) offered by 15 institutes in UK
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Public Speaking Courses Logo

Public Speaking Course

This public speaking training is aimed at people who don't like public speaking or are struggling with it. This 2 day course has been running for 20 years and it’s my main way I offer help with public speaking/presenting.

Institute by Public Speaking Courses [ Claim Listing ]
Presence Training Logo

Public Speaking (Foundation One)

Establishing an authentic connection with your audience is the key to successful public speaking. This is something your audience will love because as humans we’re wired to connect.

Institute by Presence Training [ Claim Listing ]
School of Connection Logo

Public Speaking Training

Designed for beginners, our 4 week, in-person Public Speaking Training Course is held in London. The course provides students with practical solutions for building confidence and overcoming their fear of public speaking with a group of like-minded individuals. 

Institute by School of Connection [ Claim Listing ]

Speaker Are Leaders Logo

Speakers Are Leaders

Speakers are Leaders is the most engaging experiential learning event ever created which will enable you to become more confident, position yourself as an authority, monetize your message and get ahead in life by simply learning how to speak in public better .

Institute by Speaker Are Leaders [ Claim Listing ]
Global Business Advisors (Corporate Training Providers) Logo

Emotional Intelligence for Managers and Leadership

This course will help to develop the necessary skills to manage the team functioning and manage the team of diverse culture, genders, ethnic groups which effects the working environment.

Institute by Global Business Advisors (Corporate Training Providers)
The Speaking Adventure Logo

The Speaking Adventure (Level 1)

There’s more to public speaking than developing a professional persona, pretending to be somebody else, or just getting by. The more authentically we step forwards, the more we grow in real confidence, the ability to connect with our audiences, and create the impact we want.

Institute by The Speaking Adventure [ Claim Listing ]
Vanessa Woolf Storyteller Logo


Storytelling Lessons are offered by Vanessa Woolf Storyteller for all ages. I tell traditional and non-traditional stories for adults and children.

Cheapest Institute by Vanessa Woolf Storyteller [ Claim Listing ]
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College of Public Speaking Logo

Business Communication

Our business communication course covers communication skills, managing and participating in meetings, and conducting interviews. Agree a time that suits you and get started today.

Institute by College of Public Speaking [ Claim Listing ]
The Public Speaking Course Logo

Public Speaking

Our One-Day Public Speaking Course is designed to help you deal with your fear and will teach you to stand up with confidence and speak from a position of genuine, ease and poise. Our techniques are simple, effective and extremely powerful. 

Institute by The Public Speaking Course [ Claim Listing ]
Essex Public Speaking Academy Logo

Public Speaking Program

In our world today, the need to sharpen our communication skills have even become more important despite the advent of technologies and the internet. We just cannot continue our excuses why we cannot communicate powerfully and effectively.

Institute by Essex Public Speaking Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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