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Course Fees : $90 to $300

Planning to take Yoga classes in the US?


Here is a table of Yoga studios in the US along with the duration and cost of the class:


Institute Name


Course Name


Class Fee

Sonic Yoga

New York, NY

Yoga Classes

1 month


Dallas Yoga Center

Dallas, TX

8 Week Beginner Series

8 Weeks


Yoga Den

Jacksonville, FL

Yoga Class

1 Month


Puravida Yoga Center

San Diego, CA

Intro Special

1 month


Yoga Richmond

Richmond, VA

Yoga Class

1 month


Sterling Hot Yoga

Lexington, KY

Intro One month Unlimited

1 month

$30 - $109

Eb & Flow Yoga Studio

Chicago, IL

Monthly Unlimited

1 Month


Vision Yoga & Wellness

Cleveland, OH

Monthly Unlimited

1 Month


The Yoga Collaborative

Falmouth, MA

Monthly Unlimited

1 Month


Asheville Yoga Center

Asheville, NC

Monthly Unlimited

1 Month



What are the Top Yoga studios in the US?


1. Sonic Yoga, New York, NY

2. Dallas Yoga Center, Dallas, TX

3. Yoga Den, Jacksonville, FL

4. Puravida Yoga Center, San Diego, CA

5. Yoga Richmond, Richmond, VA

6. Sterling Hot Yoga, Lexington, KY

7. Eb & Flow Yoga Studio, Chicago, IL

8. Vision Yoga & Wellness, Cleveland, OH

9. The Yoga Collaborative, Falmouth, MA

10. Asheville Yoga Center, Ashville, NC


What is the cost of Yoga classes in the US?


The average price for a yoga class in the US is $100 per month. There are also options available based on a weekly basis with the range of $30/per session.


What is the duration of Yoga classes in the US?


The duration of the class ranges from 1 month-12 months.


What is the salary of a Yoga Instructor in the US?


The average salary of a Yoga Instructor is $5000 per month in the US.

17 course(s) offered by 17 institutes in USA
Showing Courses 1 - 10

Showing Courses 1 - 10

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