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Here are the Top 10 Healthy Cooking courses in the USA.

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Gluten Free Entertaining

Jennifer is Back! We know and love her as restauranteur extraordinaire at The Market Restaurant + Bar, and now she shares her Caterer’s secrets to sailing through the Holidays with GF apps and perfect pairings:

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Cooking With Herbs

Falling into a food rut happens. Finding new ways to prepare chicken, fish, pork, beef and vegetable dishes can take time and involve a lot of ingredients and added costs. Herbs to the Rescue! Herbs can help rejuvenate your meal times.

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Healthy Weeknight Meals

This class menu had 3 main dishes. Each can become a staple weeknight meal and have many variations to adapt to your diet or preference when used as a base recipe. You’ll learn how to build flavor, tips for meal prep.

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Plant-based Meal Planning

Who wants to cook every night? Not us! Come to the Radical Cooks kitchen to learn the BEST meal planning, prep, and storage strategies to put healthy, delicious food on the table for the next 3 days. We’ll meet up at the kitchen where you’ll prep 3 meals with fellow students.

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Recipe Makeovers (Healthy Cooking)

How do I make over my favorite recipes so that they are healthier? Small, simple things can be done to eliminate calories and fat, yet retain flavor. Recipes need to be supplied to Shana Larsen ahead of the cooking instruction appointment so she can analyze them.

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Sunday Brunch

Whether you’re sick of waiting in lines at packed restaurants on Sunday mornings, or would just like to learn how to properly cook an egg, our brunch classes are just what your weekend needed!

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Sauerkraut And Other Lacto-Ferments

Sauerkraut and other Lacto-Ferments cooking class is offered by Thrive Chef Works. Chef Nick’s cooking classes and food talks have been held in school classrooms, farmer’s markets, businesses, food co-ops, Kitchen Window and in private homes.

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Cooking Techniques Mastering Eggs Omelettes & Quiches

Egg dishes are so important that often to test the talent of a chef the master won't ask for anything more than for him/her to make them the perfect omelet.  You are not a chef unless you can master the many, many ways of making eggs!

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Easy Healthy Menu

Easy Healthy Menu class is offered by Academy of Culinary Education. The Academy of Culinary Education (“ACE”) offers an extraordinary culinary learning experience in an intimate stimulating environment.

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Healthy Homemade

Pare down, cook at hone and learn the ins-and-outs of delicious, satisfying meals at home. Classes are hands-on, balancing passive and active tasks to create a four-course meal. ????

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