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If you are looking for a reliable nail course in India but having a tough time in finding a nail art academy that teaches the latest techniques and trends of nails, then have a look at the list below and enlighten yourself with all the highly-qualified and reliable nail academies that are located all over India.


The revolution of nail art has been observed to evolve widely in the past decade. Before nail extensions, acrylic nails and white or black blanc nail paints, there were days when girls would simply have a collection of different nail paints in red, pink or purple that they could use with any dress or occasion.


With the passage of time, these makeup techniques have been evolving and so has the demand for professional nail artists in India. Therefore, it is recommended for you to join a good nail art academy that specializes in teaching all sorts of nail art techniques and methods.


In India there are many nail art salons like Best Nailart Studio in Mumbai, Best Glitters Parlour Nail Art Studio in Mumbai, Nail Lounge Academy and others. These salons also specialize in training interested individuals the latest techniques of doing nail art in India.


Every girl needs a good nail artist. Regardless of where you live in India, you can always find the best nail art academies near you. Especially in Mumbai, New Delhi, Lucknow, Rajasthan and Jaipur. There are different packages that are offered in these salons such as French nail art in Rs 80, Striping Rolls Nail Art with sticker and a nail tip at Rs 185 and many other interesting forms of nail art.


You can learn how to do different kinds of nail art designs in India and start with your own mini salon. If you have always loved long nails and love doing nail art on others then it’s time that you changed this hobby into a profession. For this purpose, you can join any nail art academy that is available in every corner of India and now can easily be found with just a click.


There are many nail art academies in India which you can join in order to improve your nail art skills. These classes usually start at the rate of Rs 3000 and can go up to Rs 15,000. You can totally rely on the nail art courses that are offered by these academies as by the completion of the course you will be more confident. You will also receive a certificate upon course completion which you can use in order to start a business or apply in a famous nail salon in India.


There are many benefits of doing nail courses in India. Keeping in mind weddings and parties, girls tend to run to the salon. On average, a nail technician at the start of their career is observed to earn around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per month. This number goes up with the increase in experience and professionalism of the nail technician in India and goes up to Rs 30,000 or more per month.


This means that by doing a potential nail art course in India, you will get many opportunities to make a better income. So what are you waiting for? Go through the list of different nail art courses and select the one that matches your requirements!


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