Top 10 Professional Culinary Arts Classes in India |


Course Fees : ₹8000 to ₹298000

Planning to learn professional culinary arts in India?


Here is a table of Professional Culinary courses in India along with the duration and cost of the course:






Culinary Academy of India

Bachelor's degree in Catering Technology and Culinary Arts

3 Years

INR 120,000

Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa

M.Sc - Hospitality Administration

2 Years



What are the Top Culinary Schools in India?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer professional culinary arts training in India: 


1. Culinary Academy of India, Hyderabad

2. Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa

3. Oberoi Center of Learning and Management, New Delhi

4. Amrapali Institute of Hotel Management, Haldwani

5. Merit Swiss Asian School of Hotel Management, Ooty

6. International Institute of Culinary Arts, Gurugram

7. Institute of Hotel Management, Goa

8. Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

9. Palate Culinary Academy, Mumbai


What is the duration of a professional culinary course in India? 


The duration of professional culinary arts training in India depends on the type of course chosen. For example, a bachelor’s program typically is three years long whereas a master’s course takes 2 years to complete. 


What is the cost of a professional culinary course in India?


The cost of professional culinary arts training in India varies from one institute to the other. For example, the Bachelor’s program at the Culinary Academy of India cost INR 120000, bachelor’s at Amrapali Institute of Hotel management cost INR 45000 per semester, etc. 


Why get a Professional Culinary degree in India?


The following are the reasons for taking up professional culinary arts training in India: 


  • India is home to a large variety of cuisine and currently international culinary schools are turning their focus towards India. Therefore, the time is ripe for students wanting to pursue culinary education to take up professional culinary arts training in India.


  • Get the opportunity to learn in some of the finest institutes such as the Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa.


  • Get training in various regional cuisines of India that are famous worldwide.  


What will I learn from a professional culinary course in the India?


The learning outcomes of a professional culinary arts training course in India are: 


  • Fundamentals of food production, beverage service, accommodation management, culinary arts, communicative English, and basic computer skills.


  • Principles of Indian gastronomy, baking fundamentals, nutrition, and food science. 


  • Cuisine facility planning, materials management, as well as sales and marketing management. 


What jobs can I get with a culinary diploma in India?


Post completion of professional culinary arts training, you will be eligible for the following jobs: 


  • Culinary Arts Faculty
  • Junior Sous Chef
  • Food and Beverage Executive
  • Dim Sum Chef
  • Executive Pastry Chef
  • Sous Chef


The average salary of culinary art professionals in India: INR 292774