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SAT scores are used to evaluate eligibility for admission in a university for students seeking entrance to undergraduate programs at various educational institutions in India and other countries, and SAT preparation courses in India help you in making sure that you ace the test.


Students are tested on constraints such as


  • Reading comprehension
  • Computational ability of command of evidence
  • Analysis in science


SAT preparation course in India can be overwhelming for aspirants aiming to go to university in a different country and waiting for admission can be a long process, the repayment of attending the college of your dreams is a great goal to attempt for! 


One part of this method will involve SAT tests; for many worldwide students include the SAT, there are few logistical things that you want to keep in mind as you arrange to take the SAT exam in India.


There are no negative marking for incorrect answers in the SAT exams.


Why should you learn by taking the SAT preparation course in India?


World of opportunities in terms of Admissions to Universities open up and getting the right score in the test is critical for the future of student’s education.


What is the cost of doing the SAT preparation course in India?


There are other services and fees associated with the exam. The cost of the SAT exam for the 2019-20 academic year is 


  • INR 7000 for the basic exam and 
  • INR 10000 for the SAT with Essay. 


The table below presents the costs for the various SAT services offered by the College Board in India.


Exam Type 

Fees (INR)

SAT without Essay

INR 6,750

SAT with Essay

INR 8,000

SAT Subject Tests

INR 7435


What is the average duration of the SAT preparation course in India?


The Average duration of completing SAT preparation will take you just about 40-70 hours. 


The SAT and SAT II results are out within 20-30 days of taking the test.


What are the best SAT coaching centres in India?


Here is the list of the famous centers offering SAT preparation course in India:


1. EduQuest test academy, Bangalore

2. Jamboree Education, Bangalore

3. IMS Learning Resources, Bangalore

4. Essence Point, Noida

5. Dhirati Education, New Delhi

6. Manya - The Princeton Review, Bangalore

7. Career Carta, New Delhi

8. IAE Global India, New Delhi

9. Sr Tutors Bureau, New Delhi

10. The Career Nation, New Delhi


What will I learn from SAT coaching in India?


SAT preparation courses in India train you in three major sections of the SAT Exam.


Here are the courses you can learn: 


1. SAT Writing Course - Provides you with tips and techniques to become an expert in the writing and language section of the SAT.


2. SAT Reading Course - This will teach you ways to ace the SAT reading session. You will learn the useful tips that will help you to connect the passage, questions and answers so that you’re able to pick the right answer during the exam


3. SAT Math Course - This helps you familiarize with various concepts and learn ways to approach problems systematically.


What are the opportunities I get after taking SAT preparation coaching from India?


Most of the colleges require students to submit an admission test course as part of the application.


The SAT scores are accepted by almost all US and Indian Colleges.


Your SAT Results help you guide your choice of an institution


  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Admission from Top Universities
  • Focus on the skills needed for the college
  • Help students to plan their careers
  • Inspire productive practices

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