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Our school motto is “Attitude is Everything!” and this is the work ethos that we instill in our students, which is one of the reasons our students are highly sought after by top chefs.

Our graduates are capable, confident young chefs who are practiced in their art and find success based on their can-do attitude.

  • Bothas Hill Branch

    2 Wottoon Ave, Bothas Hill, Durban

Courses offered by 1000 Hills Chef School


The Deli

Our on-site deli exposes students to the practical side of a commercial venture, incorporating menu planning, scaled production and costing, budgets and controls.

by 1000 Hills Chef School

Barista Course

This course covers skilled presentation of all the most popular coffee drinks.

by 1000 Hills Chef School

Advanced course in French Patisserie

An advanced course in French Patisserie

by 1000 Hills Chef School

Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Supervision

The course features advanced cooking skills and supervisory skills.

by 1000 Hills Chef School

Diploma in Food and Beverage Service

It forms a critical part of understanding the business environment as a chef, and the integration of the front of house and kitchen teams, as well as the role of the customer in the success of the food business.

by 1000 Hills Chef School

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