Planning to learn Chinese Cooking in Malaysia?


Here is a table of Chinese Cooking courses in Malaysia with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

New Malaysian Kitchen

Kuala Lumpur

Chinese Cooking



Cooking With Chef Samuel

Pulau Pinang

Peranakan Chinese Food

1 day


Oriental Culinary Academy

Subang Jaya

Chinese Cuisine Programme

16 months


At Nineteen Culinary Studio

Kuala Lumpur

Chinese Cooking




Top Chinese Cooking in Malaysia


1. New Malaysian Kitchen, Kuala Lumpur

2. Cooking With Chef Samuel, Pulau Pinang

3. Oriental Culinary Academy, Subang Jaya

4. At Nineteen Culinary Studio, Kuala Lumpur


Cost of Chinese Cooking courses in Malaysia


The average cost price of the course is RM270


Duration of Chinese Cooking courses in Malaysia


The average duration of the course is 1 day


Salary of a Chef in Malaysia


The average salary for a Kitchen Chef in Malaysia is RM 24960.

21 course(s) offered by institutes in Malaysia
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LaZat Cooking School Logo

Prawn and Chicken Wonton

Under the expert guidance of seasoned chefs, you'll learn the secrets behind creating the perfect filling, folding techniques, and the art of achieving that delectable, silky-smooth wonton skin. 

Cheapest by LaZat Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
New Malaysian Kitchen Cooking Class Logo

Hainanese Chicken Rice

In this hands-on cooking class, you'll discover the secrets behind perfectly poached chicken, fragrant rice, and the delectable accompanying sauces that make Hainanese Chicken Rice a national treasure.

Cheapest by New Malaysian Kitchen Cooking Class [ Claim Listing ]
ABC Cooking Studio Logo

Chinese Cooking

Go on an exciting adventure to discover the rich cultures of cuisines around the world. Add spice to the dining table with meals packed with main course, side dishes and dessert.

Cheapest by ABC Cooking Studio [ Claim Listing ]
At 19 Culinary Studio Logo

Chopsticks and Noodles

This is a specially designed course to educate beginner cooks on the basics of cooking everyday meals for the family.

by At 19 Culinary Studio [ Claim Listing ]
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The Cooking House Logo

Chinese Mooncakes for Kids

This hands-on experience offers a fantastic opportunity for children to immerse themselves in the traditions of crafting these delectable Chinese pastries.

Cheapest by The Cooking House [ Claim Listing ]
T-Garden Cooking School Logo

Chicken Roll Dumpling Cooking Class

Join our expert instructors for an immersive cooking class that takes you through the intricate art of crafting these flavorful Asian delights.

Cheapest by T-Garden Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]

Angelicioxs Studio Logo

Chinese Flaky Rainbow Spiral Mooncake

In this class, you'll learn the intricate techniques behind creating these beautiful and delicious mooncakes that are not only a treat for your taste buds but also a feast for the eyes.

Cheapest by Angelicioxs Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Cooking With Alou Logo

Chinese Cooking

Chinese Cooking classes are offered by Cooking With Alou for all skill level. Alou will take you by the hand and introduce you to the exciting yet sometimes intimidating produce and spices that make Penang unique.

Cheapest by Cooking With Alou [ Claim Listing ]

Kitchen Vio Logo

Yong Tao Fu

Yong tau foo is a Hakka Chinese cuisine consisting primarily of tofu filled with ground meat mixture or fish paste. Variation of this food include vegetables and mushrooms stuffed with ground meat or surimi. Yong tau foo is eaten in numerous ways, either dry with a sauce or served as a soup dish.

Cheapest by Kitchen Vio [ Claim Listing ]
My Master Chef Logo

Various Noodle Recipes

This Assorted Mee Recipe will feature 5 recipe video menus that will be taught directly by MasterChef Sabri Hassan. In fact, recipe standards are also included for each recipe menu to make it easier for you to know the ingredients used.

Cheapest by My Master Chef [ Claim Listing ]
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