Are you looking for Sushi Making classes in Malaysia? Here are the Top 10 Sushi Making courses in Malaysia.


The course fee for Sushi Making classes in Malaysia ranges from RM100 for a 1-day Sushi Class, up to RM580 for a 1-day Japanese Shoyu Workshop.

Learn at your own pace and time.
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Also check out our online course: Healthy Sushi Course For Beginners By Sushi Lovers.



14 course(s) offered by institutes in Malaysia
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Angel Kostadinov

Healthy Sushi Course For Beginners By Sushi Lovers

Learn How To Make Better Sushi Than Your Local Sushi Shop

Online by Angel Kostadinov
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ABC Cooking Studio Logo

Japanese Home Cooking

Master the basic skills and knowledge of classic Japanese cooking in these lessons. Learn the importance of plating and the techniques to make delicious meals.

Cheapest by ABC Cooking Studio [ Claim Listing ]

T-Garden Cooking School Logo

Sushi Craft

A great place to learn baking, cooking, sushi craft and have fun! Don't you want professional teacher watching you Personal guide you to complete the work step by step, Bring the perfect work home

Cheapest by T-Garden Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
Melaka Home Cooking Class Logo

Japanese Wagashi

Japanese Wagashi Course is offered by Melaka Home Cooking Class.

Cheapest by Melaka Home Cooking Class [ Claim Listing ]

Young Chefs Academy Malaysia Logo

Sushi Rolls

In this immersive cooking class, you'll dive into the world of Japanese culinary mastery, learning the secrets behind creating perfectly seasoned sushi rice, selecting the freshest ingredients, and mastering the delicate art of rolling.

Cheapest by Young Chefs Academy Malaysia [ Claim Listing ]
The Upper Kitchen Logo

Japanese Shoyu Workshop

The Japanese Shoyu class at The Upper Kitchen in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, is a culinary experience designed to immerse participants in the art of crafting traditional Japanese soy sauce.

by The Upper Kitchen [ Claim Listing ]
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MyChef Solution Logo

Sushi Class

Sushi cooking class

by MyChef Solution [ Claim Listing ]
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Starhill Culinary Studio Logo

Japanese Cooking Class

Experience the artistry of Japanese cuisine at the renowned Starhill Culinary Studio in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our "Japanese Cooking Class" offers a culinary journey like no other, where you'll immerse yourself in the flavors, techniques, and culture of Japan.

Cheapest by Starhill Culinary Studio [ Claim Listing ]
Cikgu Garang Food Logo

Basic Sushi Class

Under the expert guidance of seasoned sushi chefs, you'll learn the essential techniques for preparing perfect rice, selecting fresh seafood, and creating beautifully rolled sushi pieces

Cheapest by Cikgu Garang Food [ Claim Listing ]

Dvaromas Logo

Sushi Cooking Class

Sushi cooking class

Cheapest by Dvaromas [ Claim Listing ]
Little Ribbon Logo

Basic Sushi Class

Join us at Little Ribbon in Shah Alam, Malaysia for an exquisite culinary experience in our "Basic Sushi Class." Dive into the art of sushi-making as we guide you through the fundamental techniques and traditions of this beloved Japanese cuisine.

by Little Ribbon [ Claim Listing ]
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