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South Africa, being the most technologically advanced country of Africa, has mining, agriculture, and the industry as its main sectors. Thus, the working environment can be dangerous. Thus, in recent times, the health and safety sector has received a lot of attention to make the workplace a bit more safe. Thereby, making Health and Safety courses in South Africa, quite valuable.


Why should you learn Health and Safety courses in South Africa?


Health and Safety courses in South Africa are recognized by SAIOSH. SAIOSH is the leading source of information and networking opportunities within the Occupational Health and Safety profession in South Africa. 


It is the first choice for Operational Health and Safety professionals and practitioners in Southern Africa.


What is the cost of the Health and Safety course in South Africa?


The cost of the Health and Safety course in South Africa costs around 700 ZAR- 900 ZAR for diploma certificate courses.


What is the average duration of Health and Safety courses in South Africa?


The average duration of Health and Safety courses in South Africa is around one week to 6 months for diploma certificate forces.


What are the most famous Health and Safety trainers in South Africa?


The most famous institutes offering Health and Safety courses in South Africa: 



Name of the University



OHST - Occupational Health & Safety Training



WHSE Health and Safety Consultants

Cape Town


Safety Health Training - Intra Train, Public Safety Office

Cape Town


South African Academy Of Health Training Centre



KBC Health and Safety



South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health - SAIOSH



SHEilds (South Africa)



Skill-full Accredited Occupational Health & Safety Training



OHS Institute South Africa



College SA

Cape Town


What will I learn by taking Health and Safety courses in South Africa?


Students can choose from the following Health and Safety courses in South Africa:


  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (Co-ordinator in the Workplace): Proficiency Course
  • Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) (Representative in the Workplace): Proficiency Course
  • Basic Health and Hygiene
  • General Safety / Safety Induction Training
  • OHASA (Unit Standard 120344)
  • Health and Safety Representative (SHE Rep)
  • Accident / Incident Investigation
  • Conduct Continuous based Risk Assessment
  • HIRA (Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment)
  • Ladder Safety Training
  • Stacking & Storage Regulations (Unit Standard 260837)
  • Health and Safety for Junior Managers
  • Environmental Safety
  • Technical Safety


What jobs can I get with a Health and Safety certification in South Africa?


Health and Safety professionals with qualifications and certificates are needed in employers in every sector. Chartered practitioners have extensive experience working in the chemicals, oil, and gas, leisure, pharmaceuticals, utilities, governmental, aerospace, and transport industries. 


After completing the Health and Safety course in South Africa, students can become the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Co-ordinator with a Workplace Proficiency Certificate.


According to Payscale, the annual salary of a health and safety manager could be up to R451,648.

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We Train You has been instrumental in assisting South African companies achieve and comply to the highest safety standards available.

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Forklift Training

We provide OHSA forklift training services and forklift licenses. Apply and start at any time for accredited and OHSA compliant forklift certification. Our forklift operator training is easy and convenient.

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Health and Safety Representative

This category includes courses that will empower learners to be able to perform safety, health and environmental representation activities and to know health and safety legislation relevant to the functions, duties and responsibilities of a Health and Safety Representative and the Health and Safet...

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At Africa Training Centre, we offer a full range of courses that will empower you to be competent within the Rigging Field.

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Working at Height Training

Working at Height Training course is offered by Wheelset Academy.

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Risk Assessment Driver Training and VIP Protection

Risk Assessment Driver Training raises the level of a driver’s overall effectiveness by increasing awareness, placing more knowledge at a driver’s disposal and sharpening skills of observation, perception and forward planning.

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Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment

Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment course is offered by Frontline Shq Solutions.

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Fire Training

The Basic Fire Awareness course is suitable for all employees to improve their knowledge and equip them with the skills to identify, prevent, manage and extinguish fires etc.

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Occupational Health and Safety Act Awareness

Occupational Health and Safety Act Awareness course is offered by Transvaal Training. Transvaal Training brings together a team of dedicated professionals who share the common value of making a difference through people. 

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Excavator course is offer by Jmz Skils Training Centre Pty Ltd. We offer training and award certification courses and expired licenses & certificate renewals.

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