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The Knockdown karate competition system pioneered by Kyokushin has been adopted by many different karate styles and organizations. Over the years many other styles have developed from their Kyokushin ancestry.

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Kids Karate

GKR’s classes provide a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere and all instructors are fully accredited with the IGKF (International Go-Kan-Ryu Federation). Children may train in regular classes (alongside people of all ages including other family members) or train in special kids classes

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Our classes offer an essential balance between traditional teachings of ancient techniques that date back hundreds of years, and the most up to date modern methods.

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Okinawan Kobud? is a Japanese term that can be translated as "old martial way of Okinawa". Kobudo refers to the weapon systems of Okinawan martial arts.

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Tai Chi & Qigong

Tai Chi and Qigong are famous for their relaxation qualities and graceful movements. Underneath this veneer of carefree softness lies a fascinating art which has many facets.

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Adults from many walks of life enjoy the immense benefits gained through martial arts training and its holistic rewards. Our community is comprised of unique individuals all searching for something different, Kyokushin Karate has that difference.

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Novice Juniors

In this class, we focus on building self-confidence and coordination, with an emphasis on inclusion, everyone works to their own highest ability. Students will gradually build on their karate knowledge as they move up through their belts, with a goal to moving up to the next level.

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Kids Karate

The Kids Karate Club provides classes for children aged 6 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years. We offer a personalized training format with a limited class size. Students must be booked in to ensure the correct student-to-instructor ratio is maintained.

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Kata Patterns of forms

It is a combined system of stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, sweeps, elbows, locks and throws - some call it the original mixed martial art! We learn and teach three main areas, all underpinned by "kihon" (basics).

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Our mission is to preserve and protect the true teachings and philosophy of Goju Ryu Karate Do through knowledge passed down from master to student, From the Founder of Goju Ryu: Chojun Miyagi to Seiko Higa to Kanki Izumikawa to Sosui Ichikawa to Masashi Sudo to Kenshu Watanabe. This is the tradit

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