Are you looking for Mediterranean Cooking classes in the USA? Here are the Top 10 Mediterranean Cooking classes in the USA.


The average duration of Mediterranean cooking classes in the USA is 3-24 hours. The average price of Mediterranean cooking classes in the USA is $120.

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Modern Mediterranean (Global Cooking & Wine Pairing Series)

Come discover why the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle is all the rage. Not only is this delicious fusion of flavors from the hottest regions of Greece, France, Catalonia, Southern Italy and Israel sinfully delicious, but Mediterranean cuisine is also known for being extremely healthful.

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Cooking Couples A Mediterranean Journey

There’s something about Mediterranean food that sends us all dreaming! Through heavy use of whole grains and legumes, this class revives the time-honored traditions of ancient Greece for modern-day cooking.

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Mediterranean Mezze

Enjoy a menu inspired by the warm waters and coastal cuisine of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Pelmeni And Varenyky (Russian And Ukrainian Dumplings)

What happens when you cross an Asian dumpling with a European dumpling? You get Russian pelmeni — insanely juicy and buttery meat dumplings.

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Peppercorn Ahi Tuna, Pear Balsamic Salad & Baklava

Peppercorn Crusted Ahi Tuna: You will love this Mediterranean seasoned black pepper crusted Ahi Tuna steaks, this cut of tuna is best enjoyed medium rare, and the pepper crust is perfect with this meaty fish, served over a bed of warm seasoned fluffy quinoa (Vegetarian).  

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Mediterranean Nights

The Mediterranean diet is one of the world’s healthiest. And, it’s delicious - abundant in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legume, olive oil, and lean meats. Plus, red wine! Enjoy an evening learning how to prepare a four-course Mediterranean meal.

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Marvelous Mediterranean Tapas

Experience small bites with huge flavor as you cook your way through the bold freshness of the Mediterranean! Chef Andy brings you a menu filled with tastes from a rustic kitchen in Italy to the coastline of Greece. Featuring fresh produce and a wide array of herbs and seasonings.

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Modern Mediterranean

Mediterranean cooking can be extremely versatile. From Moroccan & Israeli influences & so much more. 

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Family Night (Eastern Mediterranean)

Enjoy the flavorful, bold, and fresh cuisine of the Middle East served family style. In this class you’ll learn and enjoy how to make all of these fan favorites and even bake your own pita.

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An Evening In The Mediterranean

Take a trip to the Mediterranean without ever leaving Florida. Join us at JAX Cooking Studio where we will draw inspiration from Greek, Tuscan, and Moroccan flavors as we prepare several dishes commonly found in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.

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