Top 10 HR Courses in South Africa |


Course Fees : R1885.4 to R16555.1

Why you should take Human Resources courses in South Africa?


Taking Human Resources courses in South Africa is a great idea as it will help you in reaching a new level of success. By taking a course in Human Resources you will learn how to deal with customers in a more sound and professional manner. 


This will ultimately result in customer satisfaction which will be a good thing for your career. There are numerous companies in South Africa that are in need of educated HR experts which means it’s your time to shine! 


Course Name 

Average Course Duration

Average Course Price 

Course in HR Hiring Practices 

6-12 months 


Course in Labour Relations Management 

6-12 months 


Course in Managing Training and Development 

6-12 months 


Programme in HR Management 

6-12 months 


Advanced Programme in HR Management 

6-12 months 




What is the average duration of Human Resources Course in  South Africa?


The average duration of a professional HR Course in South Africa is around 6-12 months. 


This duration can also be less than 6 months or more than 12 months depending on the level of the HR course you are taking. 


What will I learn by taking Human Resource Course in South Africa?


By completing a Human Resources course in South Africa you will learn the following: 


  • Resolve conflicts 
  • Learn how to achieve customer satisfaction 
  • Improve the performance of employees
  • Learn how to train and develop juniors
  • You will learn how to work on budget control 


What is the average price range of the Human Resource Course in South Africa?


The average cost of a Human Resource Course in South Africa starts from R2,800 and goes up to R10,000


What are the most famous Human Resources Course Institutes in  South Africa?


Here are the Top 5 HR Academies in South Africa: 


1. Surgo HR and Training, Cape Town 

2. Milpark Education, Cape Town

3. University of South Africa, Pretoria

4. MANCOSA Durban, Durban

5. University of Pretoria, Pretoria


What jobs I can get after taking Human Resources Course in South Africa?


If you manage to complete HR Course in South Africa then you may get lucky with the following jobs: 


  • HR Information Systems Specialist 
  • HR Business Partner 
  • HR Assistant Director 
  • HR Associate 
  • HR Assistant Manager