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Are you looking for Barbeque cooking classes in Australia?


Here are the Top 10 available Barbeque cooking classes in Australia.

29 course(s) offered by 21 institutes in Australia
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Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventure Logo

Hard Core Carnivore Meat Lover’s Masterclass

The ultimate Hard Core Carnivore cooking class…perfect for meat lovers. Learn valuable skills and the art of cooking the most amazing perfect steak, braising, sous vide cooking, sauces and more. Available Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

Institute by Vanilla Zulu Culinary Adventure [ Claim Listing ]
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Pialligo Estate Academy Logo

Texan BBQ

Enjoy an evening with Chef as he fires up a Texan style flavour-packed menu for eat-lovers around the BBQ. 

Institute by Pialligo Estate Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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Dominique Rizzo Logo


Barbequing Classes are offered by Dominique Rizzo for all ages and skill levels. Dominique’s focus is on delicious,  creative,  healthy food drawing on her professional experiences and her vast range of food knowledge from her European and World travels. 

Institute by Dominique Rizzo

Bay Cooking School Logo

Sausage Making

Grinding your own meat, to packing in the natural skins, and forming links, ready for the bbq.

Cheapest Institute by Bay Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
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The Olive Tree Cooking School Logo

BBQ Boot Camp

Learn the skill of outdoor entertaining without burning the sausages or overcooking the steak. We will also cover Charcoal Kettle Cooking and outdoor Pizza.

Institute by The Olive Tree Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
Greenwood Farm & Co Logo

Handmade Sausages

These sausages are made with fresh ingredients and spices. Ground and then stuffed, these are perfect to take home for a BBQ with friends or family.

Institute by Greenwood Farm & Co [ Claim Listing ]
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Scoffed Cooking School Logo

Low'n'Slow BBQ Guru

Come and learn all there is to know about low n slow BBQ cooking the American way. Led by our BBQ competition team Pit master you will learn techniques on temperature management for your smoker, what cuts of meat to use, how to prep it (oh by the way the pit master for this class is a butcher too, ...

Institute by Scoffed Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
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Sydney Cooking School Logo

American BBQ: Smokey Brisket, Sticky Ribs & Pulled Pork

The Sydney food scene has definitely fallen in love with American Food! And there is nothing more gastronomically iconic than the American barbecue!

Institute by Sydney Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
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Life's A Feast Logo

American Barbecue

The American approach to barbecuing is rapidly gaining popularity in Australia, which is not surprising given how flavoursome this cuisine is! In this class you will learn the techniques of smoke, spice and low & slow cooking that are characteristic to American outdoor cooking, as well as a mouth-w...

Institute by Life's A Feast [ Claim Listing ]
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BBQ Cooking School Logo

American Smoking BBQ Cooking Class

Combine your love of American style smoking and BBQ cooking in this fun, hands-on class where you'll learn about BBQ techniques from Texas to Memphis to Carolina and Kansas.

Institute by BBQ Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
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