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Also check out our online course: 6 Basic Indian Gravies for 1000+ Gravies.



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Chef Bald Nachi

6 Basic Indian Gravies for 1000+ Gravies

Learn how to make 6 Basic Indian Gravies that serve as the base for entire Indian Cuisine. Not only that, you will also learn how to make 15 indian recipes using the 6 gravies that you learnt.

Online by Chef Bald Nachi
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LaZat Cooking School Logo

Butter Chicken

In this hands-on experience, you'll learn the secrets behind creating the perfect balance of creamy tomato-based gravy and tender, succulent chicken pieces.

Cheapest by LaZat Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]

New Malaysian Kitchen Cooking Class Logo

Chicken Curry Class

Join our experienced instructors and learn the secrets to crafting a mouthwatering chicken curry that's bursting with flavor and spices.

Cheapest by New Malaysian Kitchen Cooking Class [ Claim Listing ]
ABC Cooking Studio Logo

Authentic Indian Curry Set

Go on an exciting adventure to discover the rich cultures of cuisines around the world. Add spice to the dining table with meals packed with main course, side dishes and dessert. You will learn different food culture and culinary skills in our Cooking Course.

Cheapest by ABC Cooking Studio [ Claim Listing ]

The Cooking House Logo

Indian Style Seafood Curry Cooking Class

Under the expert guidance of seasoned chefs, you'll discover the secrets behind blending the perfect spice mix, selecting the freshest seafood, and crafting a creamy, flavorful curry sauce.

Cheapest by The Cooking House [ Claim Listing ]
Angelicioxs Studio Logo

Biryani Class

In this immersive culinary adventure, you'll have the opportunity to learn the art of preparing the perfect Biryani, a beloved and flavorful rice dish that's bursting with spices and fragrant herbs.

Cheapest by Angelicioxs Studio [ Claim Listing ]

Collins Kitchen Lab Logo

Keto Naan

Discover the secrets of creating low-carb, mouthwatering naan bread that perfectly complements your ketogenic lifestyle.

Cheapest by Collins Kitchen Lab [ Claim Listing ]
Cooking With Alou Logo

Indian Cooking

Thai Cooking course is offered by Dapur Warisan for all skill level. 

Cheapest by Cooking With Alou [ Claim Listing ]

Nancy's Kitchen Logo

Chicken with Bean Paste

Chicken with Bean Paste cooking class is offered by Nancy's Kitchen.Where Nancy will be teaching step by step, full hands-on guide, tips and tricks of cooking like a Peranakan household.

Cheapest by Nancy's Kitchen [ Claim Listing ]
Dine & Dessert Cakery Logo

Naan Making Class

Under the expert guidance of our skilled chef, you'll master the techniques of kneading, rolling, and baking these delectable flatbreads, ensuring they come out soft and flavorful every time.

Cheapest by Dine & Dessert Cakery

Cuisine Boleh Cooking Studio by Chef Jean Logo

Butter Chicken Cooking Class

During the class, you'll learn the art of marinating tender chicken pieces in a luscious blend of spices and yogurt, followed by a slow simmering in a buttery tomato-based gravy that's sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Cheapest by Cuisine Boleh Cooking Studio by Chef Jean [ Claim Listing ]
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