Top 10 Customer Service Courses in South Africa |


Course Fees : R400 to R29899

Why you should take Customer Service courses in South Africa? 


If you are living in South Africa and thinking about taking your customer service skills to the next level then it's time you considered taking a professional customer service course in South Africa.


From how to deal with customers over the phone to problem-solving, you will be taught everything there is to know about customer service. You can say that certifying in this course will help you in getting to the next level of success as your CV will seem more serious and considerable to the employers.


Course Name 

Average Course Time 

Average Course Duration 

Customer Service Course

2 days


Customer Service Course

200 hours 



What is the average duration of Customer Service Course in South Africa?


The average course duration can be expected to be a minimum of 2 days and maximum of 200 hours. This duration depends on various factors like the customer service institute that you are attending in South Africa. 


What will I learn by taking Customer Service Course in South Africa?


By certifying in a professional Customer Service Course in South Africa you will learn: 


  • About product excellence
  • How to brand before selling 
  • About service excellence 
  • You will learn the basic building blocks of customer care and its foundation 
  • You will be given cultural awareness 


What is the average price range of the Customer Service Course in South Africa?


The average price range of a customer service course in South Africa is starting from around R1,000 and may go up to R14,000. This price is depending on numerous important factors like the location of the institute, level of professionalism and so on. 


What are the most famous Eyebrow Course institutes in South Africa?


Here are the Top 5 Customer Service Institutes in South Africa: 


1. Brentwood Open Learning College 

2. Alpha Academy 

3. New Skills Academy 

4. Garvey African Institute 

5. Six Sigma South Africa 


What jobs I can get after taking Customer Service Course in South Africa? 


Here is a list of jobs that you may get after completing your customer service course in South Africa: 


  • Call centre agent 
  • Customer support representative 
  • Customer service officer 
  • Customer service executive 
  • Assistant manager call centre