Planning to take Thai cooking classes in the UK?


Here’s an overview of various Thai cooking classes in the UK:






School of Wok

Introduction to Thai Cuisine

3 hours

GBP 99

Paya Thai Cooking

Open Thai cooking classes

3.5 hours (half-day)

GBP 95 per person


What are the best Thai cooking classes in the UK?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer Thai cooking classes in the UK: 


1. School of Wok, London

2. Paya Thai Cooking, Farnham

3. Krua Thai Cookery School, Edinburgh

4. My Thai Kitchen, Bristol

5. Thai Cookery School, Birmingham


What is the duration of Thai cooking classes in the UK?


The duration of Thai cooking classes in the UK depend on the type of course chosen. For example, Open Thai cooking classes at Paya Thai Cooking is 3.5 hours long. On the other hand, there are five-day courses as well at the School of Wok.


What is the cost of Thai cooking classes in the UK?


The cost of Thai cooking classes in the UK also depends on the type of course and the institute chosen. Typically, a half-day program at Paya Thai cooking costs GBP 95 per person, whereas, a five-day course at the School of Wok costs GBP 750.


Why learn Thai cooking in the UK?


This is why you should take up Thai cooking classes in the UK: 


  • The average spending for dining out in the UK is estimated to be GBP 4.7 billion and with the rising popularity of Thai food in the country, it is no brainer that a Thai food specialist will be in great demand.
  • There is a wide range of options that culinary enthusiasts can opt for ranging from half-day classes to five-day courses, thereby giving students greater flexibility as well as learning opportunities.
  • The class size for half-day or 5-days program is typically 6-12 students, which makes learning more efficient.

What will I learn from Thai cooking classes in the UK?


By taking up Thai cooking classes in the UK, you will learn: 


  • The basics of specific flavor profile of Thai cuisine.
  • How to make curry paste from the scratch using a pestle and mortar to make it authentic.
  • Introduction to wok cooking. 


What are the job opportunities for a Thai chef in the UK?


After completing Thai cooking classes in the UK, you will be able to take up the following jobs: 


  • Thai chef
  • Wok chef
  • Head chef
  • Kitchen assistant/chef
  • Starter chef


Average Salary: GBP 27388

15 course(s) offered by institutes in UK
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Blackfriars Restaurant School Logo

Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class course is offered by Blackfriars Restaurant Shool.

Cheapest Institute by Blackfriars Restaurant School [ Claim Listing ]
Cookery School at Little Portland Street Logo

All Day Thai

You will learn how to identify and prepare a range of new and delicious ingredients, which include plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables. Once you have mastered the recipes in this class, you will leave us with the confidence to replicate them at home.

Institute by Cookery School at Little Portland Street [ Claim Listing ]
The Avenue Cookery School Logo

Thai Cooking Class

Our Thai Cooking Class is a fun, lively and delicious way to learn all about some of Thailand’s most popular (and delicious) dishes!

Institute by The Avenue Cookery School

Food at 52 Cookery School Logo

Thai Cooking Class

Master Thai cookery with our fun dairy free & gluten free Thai food cooking class. Don’t just eat Thai takeaway, learn how to make it too! During this eat as you learn Thai cooking course we’ll teach you all the culinary skills required during our Thai cooking class to dazzle friends and famil...

Institute by Food at 52 Cookery School
Leiths School of Food and Wine Logo

A Taste of Thailand with Andy Oliver

Learn how to cook like Andy Oliver of authentic Thai restaurant Som Saa. A Masterchef finalist, Andy, specialises in creating regional Thai food with uncompromisingly authentic flavours. Andy lived and worked in Thailand for many years, pursuing his love of Thai cuisine and ingredients

Institute by Leiths School of Food and Wine [ Claim Listing ]
Becketts Farm Logo

Thai Cooking

If you enjoy eating Thai food OUT and would love to eat Thai food IN! – Then this is the course for you! These dishes are modern takes on classic dishes that are easy to replicate at home for your friends and family or more importantly as a treat for you!

Institute by Becketts Farm [ Claim Listing ]
Waterman House Logo

Classic Thai Curry

Join us at Waterman House Cookery School to explore the tastes of Thailand.

Institute by Waterman House [ Claim Listing ]

My Exotic Kitchen Logo

Learn To Cook Thai

Learn how to cook Thailand's most famous curry from scratch

Institute by My Exotic Kitchen [ Claim Listing ]
Loaf Logo


Join Loaf and expert tutor Lap-fai Lee for this exploration of Thai flavours and classic Thai home cooking. Thailand has many world famous dishes, and rightly so – Thai food beautifully combines an often complex array of ingredients and flavours, with an emphasis on fresh, aromatic, and spicy.

Institute by Loaf [ Claim Listing ]
Coexist Community Kitchen Logo

Southern Thai with Fish Cookery Class

This course is a hybrid of two of our most popular workshops - Thai and Fish Cookery.   A very exciting chance to learn fish cookery skills! With our amazing expert chef, Kelly. This course will give any cook the knowledge to become confident at home cooking and preparing fish. 

Institute by Coexist Community Kitchen [ Claim Listing ]
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