Course Fees : $25 to $28215

Planning to learn Pastry Making in the USA?


Here is a table of Pastry Making courses in the USA along with the duration and cost of the course:


Institute Name


Course Name


Course Fee

The French Pastry School


Pastry and Baking

6 months


Institute of Culinary Education

New york

Diploma in Pastry and Baking

8 months


International School of Baking


Pastry course

1 Day

$600.00 per day

New England Culinary


Bachelor of Arts In Baking and Pastry

32 months


Finesse Pastries



1 Day


Cambridge School of Culinary Arts


Professional Pastry Program

37 weeks


Culinary School


Pastry Making

1 Day


Pastry School


Pastry Class

1 Day

$1 100

Atelier Sucre

New York

Pastry Class

1 Day


Oregon Culinary Institute


Baking and Pastry


42 weeks



What are the Top Pastry Making Schools in the USA?


1. French Pastry School, Chicago

2. Institute of Culinary Education, New York

3. New England Culinary, Montpelier

4. Finesse Pastries, Massachusetts

5. Culinary School,Florida

6. Pastry School, California

7. Atelier Sucre, New york

8. Cambridge Culinary School, Massachusetts

9. School of Baking, Bend

10. Oregon Culinary Institute, Portland Oregon


What is the cost of Pastry Making classes in the USA?


Average cost of a pastry making class is $1000.Longer duration courses have an average price of $30 000


What is the duration of Pastry Making classes in the USA?


Classes have a duration of 1 Day.The are long duration professional courses which also last for 3-6 months.


What is the salary of a Pastry Chef in the USA?


Pastry Chef Salaries in United States, Average Base Pay is $44,549/yr.

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Udemy Logo

Japanese Pastry Course (Japanese Cheesecake)

Learn how to make fluffy Japanese cotton cheese cake and bake rich cheese tarts. Amazing delicious desserts baking!

Online Institute by Udemy
  • Price
  • Duration
Create A Cook Logo

Bake Sale Favorites (Adult and Child Workshop)

You will create memories, edible art and delicious goodies with your loved ones during in-person workshop with our Professional Chef Instructor. Ask questions, learn techniques and work with new flavors. Spend time together while making them comfortable with a life skill early on!

Institute by Create A Cook [ Claim Listing ]
The Art Institute Logo

Baking & Pastrydegree Programs

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like dessert. It’s not easy to find someone who has the talent, passion, and imagination to turn desserts into works of art.

Institute by The Art Institute [ Claim Listing ]

Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom Logo

Demystifying Desserts Baking & Pastry Classes

Decadence is right to come and experience this decadence with us and create delicious entertainment! These classes teach you many desserts that you can serve at your fancy dinner parties and family meals. 

Institute by Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom [ Claim Listing ]
Chef Joe's Culinary Salon Logo

Savory European Tartes, Pasties, Galette & Dumplings

Savory European Tartes, Pasties, Galette & Dumplings class is offered by Chef Joe's Culinary Salon. A creative and lavish bounty of savory European tartes, pasties, dumplings and galettes. Yum! Great For Parties!

Institute by Chef Joe's Culinary Salon [ Claim Listing ]
Helen's Kitchen Cooking School Logo

French Pastry 101 (Pate A Choux)

Do you want to learn to make eclairs, cream puffs, Paris-Brest, and fancy hors d'oeuvres? Then you need to master pâte à choux -- the most versatile, gloriously puffy, make-ahead-friendly dough in the French pastry repertoire.

Institute by Helen's Kitchen Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
The International Sugar Art Collection Logo

Pastry Making

Pastry Making class is offered by The International Sugar Art Collection. The International Sugar Art Collection School of Sugar Art, teaches all levels and aspects of sugar art, and cake decorating.

Institute by The International Sugar Art Collection [ Claim Listing ]

Kitchen Window Logo

Pastry Making

Pastry Making class is offered by Kitchen Window. Designed for the home chef, Kitchen Window’s Cooking School offers a variety of cooking classes on everything from the basics to gourmet. 

Institute by Kitchen Window [ Claim Listing ]
The Gourmandise School Logo

French Macarons (the French Method)

French Macarons (the French Method) is offered by the gourmandise school. French macarons shells assorted ganache fillings. 

Institute by The Gourmandise School [ Claim Listing ]
18 Reasons Logo

Classic French Pastries

Oui, oui, we absolutely love these gems of pâtisseries! Learn the history of these classic pastries from various regions of France, practice the techniques needed to produce them at home, and receive tips on modifying these delicious bites to different flavors.

Institute by 18 Reasons [ Claim Listing ]
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