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There has been a growing acceptance for veganism in the US. The number of vegans has increased from 1% to 6% between 2014 - 2017. This phenomenal rise has increased the demand for vegan cooking classes in the USA. And to that end, the US has plenty of quality vegan cooking training institutes that teach plant-based cooking skills.



Course offered

Living Light Culinary Institute

Fundamentals of Living Food

The School of Natural Cookery

The Natural Cook Training

Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts

Diploma - Harvest a Health-Forward Future


Why you should learn Vegan cooking classes in the USA?


  • Benefit professionally and personally from the rich variety of plant-based recipes that enhance your health. 


  • The demand for veganism is constantly on the rise in the US. Therefore, the need for vegan chefs is only going to rise and this will open doors to numerous job opportunities.
  • The US is home to world-class cooking schools that impart quality culinary skills.  


What is the cost of Vegan Cooking classes in the USA?


The average cost of vegan cooking classes ranges from USD 75 - 200. However, a diploma course can cost USD 30500 - 34500. 


What is the average duration of Vegan Cooking classes in the USA?


Vegan Cooking classes in the USA usually last from 1-day workshop to a week-long workshop. On the other hand, diploma courses can be 7-13 months long. 


What are the most famous Vegan Cooking schools in the USA?


Vegan Cooking Training Classes in the USA are offered as classes and workshops  by the following: 


1. Living Light Culinary Institute, Fort Bragg

2. Vegan Culinary Academy, Angwin

3. The School of Natural Cookery, Boulder 

4. Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, New York

5. Natural Kitchen Cooking School, New Jersey  


What will I learn by taking Vegan Cooking training classes in the USA?


After completing a vegan cooking training class in the US, you will learn the following: 


  • Soaking, sprouting, and basic kitchen gardening. 
  • Preparing veggie krauts and other fermented foods. 
  • Making nut milk, creams, and other non-dairy cheese.
  • Learn how to make fruit smoothies, sauces, salads, and more.


What jobs can I get as a vegan cook in the US?


After completing a vegan training class in the US, you can avail the following jobs:


  • Professional chefs in cooking classes, restaurants, etc.
  • Personal chef
  • Vegan Food Analyst


You can also open tiffin services to regularly provide good vegan food to vegan people. You can also open a normal restaurant that also offers vegan dishes that pull in crowds from all kinds of people. 

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Online Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Learn to cook delicious vegan recipes. Filmed over 10 years ago, watch the first 2hrs Free to see if it's right for you.

Online Institute by Udemy
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Kitchen Window Logo

Vegan Cooking

Vegan Cooking class is offered by Kitchen Window. Designed for the home chef, Kitchen Window’s Cooking School offers a variety of cooking classes on everything from the basics to gourmet. 

Institute by Kitchen Window [ Claim Listing ]
Prune Kitchen Seattle Logo

Japanese Vegan 5 Course Dinner

Japanese Vegan course is offered by Prune Kitchen Seattle. Prune Kitchen is Fumiko's cooking studio designed for people to learn to cook.  Place to learn to make Sushi, and Asian style cooking. 

Institute by Prune Kitchen Seattle [ Claim Listing ]

De Gustibus Cooking School Logo

Vegan Cooking

Vegan Cooking class is offered by De Gustibus Cooking School. De Gustibus Cooking School by Miele has become one of the nation’s most reputable culinary institutions, beloved by many for bringing over 1,400 of the world’s most lauded food and wine experts for over 40 years.

Institute by De Gustibus Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]
Baltimore Chef Shop Logo

Vegetarian Brunch

Prepare a weekend brunch with a delicious, all-vegetarian menu. This menu includes: White Bean Patties, Spinach and Feta Quiche, Shakshuka, and Apple Caramel Buns.

Institute by Baltimore Chef Shop [ Claim Listing ]
First Class Cooking Logo

Satisfying & Sophisticated Plant-Based Cooking (Festive Vegetarian)

Classes are hands-on, balancing passive and active tasks to create a four-course meal. At the end of class, we all sit down to enjoy the meal together.

Institute by First Class Cooking [ Claim Listing ]
Stir Cooking School Logo

Vegetarian Kitchen (Italy In The Spring)

At Stir we LOVE Italian Food! We love it, even more, when fresh vegetables are involved. Join us & learn to make several dishes that are perfect for meatless nights.

Institute by Stir Cooking School [ Claim Listing ]

Vegan Coach Logo

Vegan Breakfast

Looking for a never-ending supply of vegan breakfast ideas? Use what you have on hand for quick and easy breakfasts custom-made to your exact taste.

Institute by Vegan Coach [ Claim Listing ]
Cookology Culinary School Logo

Comfortably Vegetarian (Meatless Monday)

Vegan cooking class is offered by Cookology Culinary School. We have classes for every level of home cook. However, don't worry about what you don't know, we will walk through each recipe step-by-step, with your own ingredients.

Institute by Cookology Culinary School [ Claim Listing ]
Krysten's Custom Craves Logo

Vegan Cooking

Vegan Cooking class is offered by Krysten's Custom Craves. Develop your cooking confidence with comprehensive, multi-session courses focusing on essential techniques.

Institute by Krysten's Custom Craves [ Claim Listing ]
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