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Planning to learn Italian cooking in the UK?


The UK houses some of the finest culinary schools that offer Italian cooking lessons. 


Here’s an table of Italian cooking classes in the UK: 






Food at 52 Cookery School

Classic Italian Cookery Class

3.5 hours

GBP 115

La Cucina Caldesi

Weekend classes - Italian cooking

1 day

GBP 70 - 170


What are Top Italian cooking classes in the UK?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer Italian cooking lessons in the UK:


1. Food at 52 Cookery School, London

2. La Cucina Caldesi, London

3. Burro e Salvia, London

4. Venturi’s Table, London

5. The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School, Bath

6. Manna from Devon Cooking School, Devon


What is the duration of Italian cooking classes in the UK?


The duration of Italian cooking classes in the UK varies from one institute to the other. For example, a half-day Classic Italian cooking class at Food at 52 Cookery school is 3.5 hours long.


What is the cost of Italian cooking classes in the UK?


The cost of Italian cooking lessons in the UK depends on the institute chosen. For example, a full-day weekend class at La Cucina Caldesi costs anywhere between GBP 70 - 170.


Why learn to cook Italian cuisine in the UK?


This is why you should take up Italian cooking lessons in the UK: 


  • Most institutes that offer italian workshops in the UK take care of all the food and equipment within the course fee.
  • Most institutes have oak banquet tables where most of the cooking takes place. The participants can enjoy eating the delicacies concocted by them by socializing with other participants.
  • Job opportunities in the UK’s culinary industry are massive and post completion of training, you can take up lucrative jobs are renowned restaurants and hotels. 


What will I learn by taking up Italian cooking lessons in the UK?


The learning outcomes of Italian cooking classes in the UK are: 


  • How to make pasta, learn essential kitchen skills, and add your flavor in the classical Italian dishes.
  • How to prepare an Italian feast from pesto sauce to Italian desserts.
  • Learn how to prepare Italian sauces that go with every Italian dish. 


What jobs can I get as an Italian cuisine chef in the UK?


After completing an Italian cooking course in the UK, you will be eligible for the following jobs


  • Executive chef
  • Head chef
  • Private chef
  • Commis pastry chef
  • Continental chef


Average Salary: GBP 27388

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