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Planning to take Vegan cooking classes in the UK?


There has been a phenomenal rise in veganism in the UK from 2014 to 2019. The vegan population during this period almost quadrupled. More than that, the UK launched more vegan products in 2018 than any other nation. This indicates why vegan cooking training classes in the UK have rapidly increased in numbers.


Here’s a glimpse of vegan cooking training classes in the UK: 







Demuths Vegan Diploma Level 2

5 Days

GBP 1995

River Cottage

Vegan Cookery

1 Day

GBP 195

Leiths Classes

The Essential Vegan

1 Day

GBP 155


Why you should take Vegan cooking classes in the UK?


Vegan Cooking training classes in the UK combines traditional cooking with plant-based ingredients that teach you how to craft excellent recipes and provide a creative combination of product knowledge and recipe.


These courses impart quality culinary education and post-completion students can avail a wide array of jobs in vegan restaurants. And especially when the demand for vegan food is on the rise, the paycheck is bound to be fat. 


What is the cost of Vegan Cooking classes in the UK?


The cost of vegan cooking classes depends on the type of course and the institute chosen.


While a one-day cookery class can cost somewhere between GBP 150 - 200, a full-blown one-week workshop costs an upward of GBP 1500. 


What is the average duration of Vegan Cooking training classes in the UK?


Vegan Cooking Classes in the UK usually last from 1 day workshop to a week long workshops.


There are vegan cooking professional diploma courses available in the UK which have a longer duration.


What are the most famous Vegan Cooking schools in the UK?


Vegan Cooking Classes in the UK are offered as classes and workshops  by the following cooking schools: 


1. Demuths Cookery School, Bath

2. Le Cordon Bleu London, London

3. Leiths School of Food and Wine, London

4. Ms Cupcake, London


What will I learn by taking Vegan Cooking classes in the UK?


  • A range of cooking techniques and recipes to ensure that your vegan diet is delicious
  • Learn from the experts - how to adjust recipes that usually contain animal products and use this knowledge to transform 
  • You will learn dressing and garnishing of food in a proper manner and what not to use in a vegan meal. 


What jobs can I get as a vegan cook in the  UK?


After taking a Vegan Cooking course in the UK, you can opt for the following jobs:


  • Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking Lecturer
  • Chef in a vegan restaurant
  • Kitchen assistant

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