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Planning to learn professional culinary arts in the USA?


Here is a table of Professional Culinary courses in India along with the duration and cost of the course:






International Culinary Center

Professional culinary art tuition



The Culinary Institute of America

Associate Degree - Culinary Arts

2 Years

USD 18230 per semester


What are the Top Culinary Schools in the US?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer culinary arts training in the US: 


1. International Culinary Center, New York

2. The Culinary Institute of America, New York

3. Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, Austin

4. Johnson and Wales University, Providence, Rhode Island

5. Metropolitan Community College Nebraska, Omaha 


What is the duration of a professional culinary course in the US?


The duration of professional culinary arts training in the US depends on the type of course chosen. For example, an associate degree is two years long, whereas a bachelor’s and master’s program takes three and four years respectively to complete. 


What is the cost of a professional culinary course in the US?


The cost of professional culinary arts training depends on the institute chosen. For example, an associate degree at the Culinary Institute of America costs USD 18230 per semester. 


Why get a Professional Culinary degree in the US?


This is why you should take up professional culinary arts training in the US:


  • The fast-paced life in the USA has forced people to order dinner from outside almost every day. As per a NY Post report, Americans spend an absurd amount of money on take-outs. These statistics suggest that a professional culinary art career in the US is rewarding. And to that end, there are many institutes that offer quality professional culinary arts training in the USA. 
  • The institutes in the US are focussed on developing core skills used by Chef.
  • You can build a rewarding career as the demand for culinary professionals is huge in the US.
  • Culinary schools offer scholarships and financial aid so that you can fund your studies with ease.


What will I learn from a professional culinary course in the US?


The learning outcome of a professional culinary arts training course in the US are: 


  • How to develop flavor, apply contemporary culinary techniques, create menus, and concoct global cuisines.
  • How to manage restaurants, food trucks, high-end catering, and other food businesses.
  • Learn management, communication, and finance to develop smart food businesses. 


What jobs can I get with a culinary diploma in the US?


Post completion of professional culinary arts training in the US, you will be eligible for the following jobs: 


  • Research Chef
  • Private Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Dietary Chef
  • Culinary Innovation R&D Chef


Average salary of culinary art professionals in the US: USD 13 per hour.

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