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Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a broad field that involves overseeing the day-to-day administrative, operational and commercial activities of businesses in the hospitality industry.

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5S Good Housekeeping Practice

5S is method of creating, maintaining and improving a clean and orderly workplace that exposes waste and errors. It helps identify unplanned levels of inventory, inadequate work processes, wasted time and equipment inefficiencies.

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Supervision In The Hospitality Industry

The primary objective of this programme is to provide the participant with a basic understanding of the supervisor’s role and responsibilities, a basic yet comprehensive knowledge about the different elements of the supervisor’s job.

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Certificate of Completion in Hospitality Operations

The Hospitality Internship Job Placement Programme (HIJPP) is developed to create opportunities for Malaysian youths to seek a career in the Hospitality Industry by earning a qualification while being in their home state.

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Food & Beverages (Hotel Management)

This programme helps you to improve your knowledge and skills within the hotel industry especially in food and beverage service. You will be trained to skilfully handle food service, beverage service and guest service.

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Professional Cleaning Operator Certifications (IR4.0)

This course educates on the proper cleaning techniques, so they are empowered to work more proficiently and consistently. Utilizing industry-best practices and the latest equipment and product innovations, employees can do more during a shift, increasing productivity while reducing labour costs.

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Certificate in Hospitality Management

The Certificate in Hospitality Management programme is designed to introduce students to hotel & restaurant operations. These programs will provide the students with the knowledge and skills required for an entry into the hospitality field.

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Certificate In Food And Beverage Service

The primary goal of the food and beverage industry is to provide guests with the best service and flawless experience to achieve the highest satisfaction. So if you are interested in starting a career in the food and beverage segment, this program is your best stepping stone into the industry.

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Food and Beverage Preparation

Academy class in Food and Beverage

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Food and Beverage

Join us at the ASEAN Culinary Academy in Shah Alam, Malaysia, for an exciting and immersive culinary journey in our "Food and Beverage" cooking class. Discover the rich and diverse flavors of ASEAN cuisine as you embark on a culinary adventure like no other.

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