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Course Fees : £50 to £190

Planning to learn how to Cook Indian cuisine in the UK?


Since the colonial era, the UK has been close to Indian food and the popularity refuses to die even today. According to a report by Times of India, there are over 10000 restaurants in the UK that serve Indian food with an annual turnover of GBP 3.5 billion. This is why taking up Indian cooking class is a wise option that culinary students can opt for. 


Here’s a table of Indian cooking classes in the UK with cost and duration.






Sweet Cumin

Weekend Family Meal Course

1 Day

GBP 85 per person

Pure Punjabi


1 Day

GBP 175 - 185


What are the Top Indian Cooking classes in the UK?


Here’s a list of institutes that offer Indian cooking classes in the UK:


1. Sweet Cumin, Clapton

2. Pure Punjabi, Salisbury

3. Seasoned, Derbyshire

4. Spice Monkey, London


What is the duration of Indian cooking classes in the UK?


The duration of Indian cooking classes depends on the institute chosen. For example, cookery classes such as Sweet Cumins and Pure Punjabi offer 1-day courses and workshops respectively. 


What is the cost of Indian cooking classes in the UK?


The cost of cooking classes in the UK also depends on the institute chosen. For example, Punjabi Indian Cooking Workshops cost somewhere between GBP 175 - 185. 


Why learn Indian cuisine in the UK?


The following are some of the compelling reasons to join Indian cooking classes in the UK:


  • The UK provides a wide range of courses to budding chefs that want to concoct authentic Indian food.
  • The cooking classes in the UK are designed for everyone from aspiring chefs to culinary enthusiasts.
  • Get lucrative job opportunities in the UK’s humongous Indian food industry that churns out GBP 3.5 billion in revenue every year. 


What will I learn from Indian cooking classes in the UK?


The following are the learning outcomes of Indian cooking classes in the UK: 


  • Learn how to make an authentic three-course meal with Indian spices and other ingredients.
  • Learn the various styles of Indian cooking such as Tandoori, Tikka, and more.
  • Learn how to make Indian bread and lentils such as Naan, Kulcha, Roti, Saag, and more. 


What jobs can I get as an Indian cuisine Chef in the UK?


Post completion of an Indian cooking training class in the UK, you will be able to avail the following jobs: 


  • Indian Cuisine Chef
  • Territory Manager for Indian restaurants
  • Specialist Chef
  • Private Chef
  • Junior Tandoor Chef


Average Salary: GBP 9.73 per hour

27 course(s) offered by 15 institutes in UK
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Edinburgh School of Food and Wine Logo

Curries of the World

Over the course of the day, you'll explore spices and their roles in more depth, as well as looking into the combinations and cooking techniques that go into making every curry truly unique

Institute by Edinburgh School of Food and Wine [ Claim Listing ]
Personal Chef Edinburgh Logo

Curry Around the World Cooking Class

3 different curries in one class! Contact us to arrange the date!

Institute by Personal Chef Edinburgh [ Claim Listing ]
Belfast Cookery School Logo

Flavours of India

It’s really not hard to see why this is one of our most sought after classes. To begin, under excellent tutelage by one of our experience chefs, you will make classic ‘Pyaaz Pakoras’, with a delicious ‘Dhaniya-Pudina chutney’, and a spicy coriander and mint dip.

Institute by Belfast Cookery School [ Claim Listing ]

Cooking It Logo

Persian Cooking

Persian food is what I describe like sunshine on a plate. Their dishes are full of lovely ingredients which complement each other really well. Pomegranate, aubergines, Yogurt, mint, cucumbers and lovely ripe tomatoes with all sorts of delicious spices. come a join us in this delicious class.

Institute by Cooking It [ Claim Listing ]
Ashoka Cook School Logo

Pakora Masterclass

You will learn about the ingredients and methods required to create a trio of delicious pakora, accompanying sauce and poppadoms spiced onions.

Institute by Ashoka Cook School [ Claim Listing ]
Rusland Cookery School Logo

Indian Cooking

We believe that, wherever possible, there should be a return to using the seasonal produce that is available. For that reason, our courses are split into those periods.

Institute by Rusland Cookery School [ Claim Listing ]
Waterman House Logo

Masterclass in Curry

Join us at Waterman House Cookery School for a masterclass that will take you on a tour of the top curries from around the world.

Institute by Waterman House [ Claim Listing ]

Demiths Cookery School Logo

Southern Indian Thali

On this Southern Indian Thali course we will use the flavours of jaggary, tamarind and coconut and spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, turmeric, coriander and fresh curry leaves in dishes that are specific to Kerala and Tamil Nadu. You will learn where to source all the ingredients u...

Institute by Demiths Cookery School [ Claim Listing ]
The Indian Spice School Logo

Insight into Indian Food

The half day class will incorporate a main meal, a side dish, a staple (rice or bread), and cachumber (cucumber, tomato, and onion salad) or raita.

Institute by The Indian Spice School [ Claim Listing ]
The Foodworks Cookery School Logo

Indian Cooking

Our kitchen rivals the best professional kitchens and our team is equally qualified. Building up a fantastic reputation requires a team which excels in customer care.

Institute by The Foodworks Cookery School [ Claim Listing ]
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