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Baking classes in South Africa are popular as the South Africans love their sweet baked foods and it remains as one of their popular snacks.


It is known to have been consumed throughout the day, between meals at work and sometimes as a meal replacement. 


People nowadays have exposure to different cuisines which results in them wanting to try different types of pastries. This has resulted in a huge market for baked goods and the industry is rapidly growing.


Why take Baking classes in South Africa?


Listed below are a few primary reasons why baking classes in South Africa is popular:


  • South Africa is the continent’s second-biggest economy which results in a huge demand for bread and baking products.
  • The four major bakeries of the country by themselves generate over 70% of the revenue of the domestic bread market, which has increased the job opportunities in the sector to accommodate for the competition.
  • Globalization has helped the country grow in tourism which in turn helped in the need for international cuisine where baking plays a prominent role.
  • Bread is the second most prominent food item in South African cuisine, just after maize. This indicates that the baking sector is always thriving because of the demand and this presents sustainable job opportunities for individuals undertaking baking classes in South Africa.


What is the cost of Baking Classes in South Africa?


The cost of popular Baking Classes in South Africa is given below:



What is the duration of Baking Classes in South Africa?


Listed below is the duration of the Baking Classes in South Africa from various renowned institutes,




Midrand Baking School

1 week

Institute of Culinary Arts

3-year course

Steyns Culinary School

10-week course

Capsicum Culinary Studio

20 courses

The Baking Shed

2 days

The School of Wedding

3 days


What are the best Baking schools in South Africa?


The Popular baking Institutes that conducts Baking Classes in South Africa are: 


1. Midrand Baking School, Midrand

2. Institute of Culinary Arts, Banhoek

3. Steyns Culinary School, Pretoria

4. Capsicum Culinary Studio, Pretoria

5. The Baking Shed, Johannesburg

6. The School of Wedding, Johannesburg


What will I learn by taking Baking Classes in South Africa?


The Course curriculum for Baking Classes in South Africa is as follows:


  • Introduction to the World of Cakes
  • Tools and Ingredients Needed
  • Covering Dummy Cakes, Sponge & Fruit Cakes with Plastic Icing
  • Making Royal Icing
  • Different Piped Embroidery Designs using Royal Icing
  • Piped Borders using Royal Icing
  • How to Set Up and Support the Mechanics of a Wedding Cake
  • Modeling Paste for Flowers
  • How to make Iced Flowers including Roses, Blossoms, Trumpet flowers, Daisies, and Lilies
  • Butter Icing
  • Chocolate Ganache
  • The Technique of Icing a Cake with Soft Icing
  • Cupcakes
  • Decorating a Cake with Fresh Flowers
  • Baking Demonstration


What jobs can I get as a Baker in South Africa?


The various jobs upon completing Baking Classes in South Africa are:

  • Pastry Chef or Baker

  • Cook

  • Private baking for parties

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