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Course Fees : R25 to R25200

Music has always played a pivotal role in South African society and culture. To be a successful Musician in South Africa, there are a wide range of musical courses available in all the cities of SA.


Why you should learn the Music course in South Africa?


In South Africa, music is one of the forms of communication. They play songs in every ritual to avoid evil spirits and welcome the good spirits. To enrich their culture & express them, South Africa needs skilled musicians. 


Once you are enrolled in a music course in South Africa, there are a plethora of specializations and options that open up.


The South African College of Music (founded in 1910), one of the oldest music institutes in the country, offers a wide range of training programs with instruments and African music. They introduced some specialized courses on ethnomusicology, performance studies in classical music & opera, library-information science, musicology (theory & history), music technology, composition, etc.


What is the cost of the Music course in South Africa?


The fee of music courses in South Africa may vary depending upon the level of course difficulty, duration, and types of Institution.


Here are snippets of the approximate course fee structure.


Music Courses



Full-time course

3-4 years

Approx R803

Per year

Short courses

1 month-12 months


Per month 


What is the average duration of the Music classes in South Africa?


The Music course in South Africa can be done on a yearly or monthly basis.

So, a music course may last from 1 month to 4 years long integrated course.


What are the best music schools in South Africa?


There are various prominent institutions, which are offering diploma/ bachelor degree/ postgraduate/ training programs and good placements.


Here are some of the best institutions for taking a music course in South Africa:


1. The South African College of Music, Cape Town

2. University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

3. The Shine School of Music, Randburg

4. Campus of Performing Arts (COPA), Midrand

5. University of Pretoria, Pretoria

6. Stellenbosch University, Stellenbosch 

7. Rhodes University, Grahamstown


What will I learn by taking the Music course in South Africa?


After getting yourself enrolled in a music course in South Africa, you will get a first-hand experience and learning in the following streams:


  • Instruments
  • Music Business
  • Music Productions
  • Vocals
  • Performing Arts
  • Music Technology
  • Musicology
  • Composition


What jobs can I get after taking up the Music course in South Africa?


As music is one of the crucial parts of the society of South Africa, it has varied career opportunities. They prefer a skilled & experienced musician, which is going to pay you good, but it may vary depending on the platform, city, experience, skills, etc.


A professional musician may draw an average salary of around R306.12 per hour after taking up the music course in South Africa.

586 course(s) offered by 117 institutes in South Africa
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Byron Bure Academy of Theatre Arts Logo


Piano Course is offered by Byron Bure Academy of Theatre Arts.

Institute by Byron Bure Academy of Theatre Arts [ Claim Listing ]
Swan Music Academy Logo


Guitar classes are offered by Swan Music Academy.

Institute by Swan Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
DJ Mix Club Logo

DJ School

For students starting off you are taught the fundamentals of ‘How to DJ’ e.g. Bars, Beats, Matching, Pitching, Fading and Seamless Eq’ing etc (no prior experience needed, just the love for music).

Institute by DJ Mix Club [ Claim Listing ]

Springwood Dance Academy Logo

Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre course is offered by Springwood Dance Academy. We take children from the age of 3yrs old to Adults and classes are held Mondays - Fridays. We do exam work from Junior Grades to Advanced and Solo Performers Awards.

Institute by Springwood Dance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Polokwane Guitar school Logo


Want to learn to play the guitar. Beginner & Intermediate Guitar classes for all ages. 

Institute by Polokwane Guitar school [ Claim Listing ]
Musical Muse Development Logo

Piano Lessons

If you want to understand music theory, whether you wish to compose or read music, a piano is a great instrument to start on.

Institute by Musical Muse Development
Muzoki Music Academy Logo

Bass Guitar

Bass Guitar is one of those instrument that you don’t really hear in a band, until it is no longer there. Bass often work together with the drummer, and they both keep the foundations a song strong and warm.

Institute by Muzoki Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]

Performance Academy Logo

Piano / Keyboard

If it is hobby or you are serious about music career; for yourself or for your child – we have solution for you. We offers one-on-one lessons at our studios and online piano and keyboard lessons.

Institute by Performance Academy [ Claim Listing ]
Lala Music Academy Logo


Theory (Free for registered students) Music theory allows the students in understanding and producing the music, more easily. All students of the academy can have theory lessons with no fee charge.

Institute by Lala Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
  • Price
  • Duration
Jamrock Music Academy Logo


Guitar Lessons are offered by Jamrock Music Academy for all ages and skills. At Jamrock you learn various skills not only how to play an instrument but how to interact with others, teamwork and life skills which brings out confidence for life.

Institute by Jamrock Music Academy [ Claim Listing ]
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